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This table exists to help users with screen reading assistive technology or other accessibility needs work around the map based design and navigation of InciWeb. The table below contains all active incidents that are displayed on the map ordered by most recently updated. The table can be ordered in ascending or descending order by incident, type, state or size by clicking the column name. To filter the table by a word or phrase (ie. specific incident or state), enter the word in the search box above the table and press enter or click the search icon to apply the filter. Click on a hyperlinked incident name to view the detailed information page for that incident. On the incident overview page, there is an additional submenu to access the incident's announcements, closures, news, maps, and photographs.

Woodbury FireWildfireArizona, USA34490 Acres 1 min. ago
Swan LakeWildfireAlaska, USA12782 Acres1:22 hrs. ago
Mountain FireWildfireArizona, USA7470 Acres4 hrs. ago
Jordan FireWildfireCalifornia, USA523 Acres7 hrs. ago
Reveille FireWildfireColorado, USA143 Acres7 hrs. ago
Elk FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA1819 Acres19 hrs. ago
Payette NF Prescribed Fire 2019Prescribed FireIdaho, USA0 Acres21 hrs. ago
Ash Mountain Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA25 Acres1 day ago
Kaibab NF South Zone Rx FirePrescribed FireArizona, USA3851 Acres2 days ago
Cedar Central Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA218 Acres2 days ago
South Monroe RxPrescribed FireUtah, USA300 Acres2 days ago
Lone Mountain FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA910 Acres2 days ago
Jordan FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA322 Acres2 days ago
Coldwater FireWildfireArizona, USA16790 Acres2 days ago
Roaring FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA400 Acres2 days ago
Ocala National Forest Wildfires 2019WildfireFlorida, USA682 Acres3 days ago
Osceola National Forest Wildfires 2019WildfireFlorida, USA893 Acres3 days ago
Oregon LakesWildfireAlaska, USA34499 Acres4 days ago
Sand FireWildfireCalifornia, USA0 Acres4 days ago
SHF Lightning Fires 2019WildfireCalifornia, USA0 Acres5 days ago
San Juan NF Prescribed Fire ProgramPrescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres5 days ago
Spring / Summer Prescribed FirePrescribed FireArizona, USA0 Acres5 days ago
Spring FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA3556 Acres5 days ago
Kaibab North Zone Rx FirePrescribed FireArizona, USA0 Acres6 days ago
Maroon FireWildfireArizona, USA8605 Acres6 days ago
243 Command FireWildfireWashington, USA20380 Acres6 days ago
Hoyle FireWildfireArizona, USA503 Acres6 days ago
Bluff Mesa RxPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA0 Acres7 days ago
Apalachicola National Forest WildfiresWildfireFlorida, USA0 Acres6/7/2019
Memorial FireWildfireSouth Carolina, USA1600 Acres6/4/2019
Boise NF Prescribed Fire 2019Prescribed FireIdaho, USA100 Acres6/2/2019
Indian Peaks Prescribed FirePrescribed FireNew Mexico, USA9300 Acres5/31/2019
2019 Malheur NF Prescribed FirePrescribed FireOregon, USA0 Acres5/30/2019
Kern River Ranger District Prescribed RXPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA10 Acres5/22/2019
2019 Umatilla NF Prescribed FirePrescribed FireOregon, USA0 Acres5/13/2019
Slide FireWildfireArizona, USA0 Acres5/7/2019
Blue Ridge Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres5/5/2019
Slash Pile Burning 2018/2019Prescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres5/3/2019
Red Feather Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireColorado, USA4348 Acres5/3/2019
Thomas Mountain RxPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA1074 Acres4/30/2019
Spring 2019 Prescribed FiresPrescribed FireMichigan, USA0 Acres4/25/2019
Elkhorn-Pingree Hill Prescribed BurnsPrescribed FireColorado, USA4104 Acres4/24/2019
Wallowa-Whitman 2019 Prescribed FirePrescribed FireOregon, USA0 Acres4/22/2019
Hoosier National Forest Prescribed BurnsPrescribed FireIndiana, USA0 Acres4/16/2019
Rendija RxPrescribed FireNew Mexico, USA0 Acres4/2/2019
SBNF Storm DamageFloodCalifornia, USA0 Acres3/28/2019
Upper Bailey Unit A Prescribed FireOhio, USA415 Acres3/20/2019
Grindstone Mountain Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireVirginia, USA830 Acres3/20/2019