Table of Incidents - Alternative Accessibility Friendly Map View

This table exists to help users with screen reading assistive technology or other accessibility needs work around the map based design and navigation of InciWeb. The table below contains all active incidents that are displayed on the map ordered by most recently updated. The table can be ordered in ascending or descending order by incident, type, state or size by clicking the column name. To filter the table by a word or phrase (ie. specific incident or state), enter the word in the search box above the table and press enter or click the search icon to apply the filter. Click on a hyperlinked incident name to view the detailed information page for that incident. On the incident overview page, there is an additional submenu to access the incident's announcements, closures, news, maps, and photographs.

Three Rivers FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA7033 Acres4 hrs. ago
Mesa Poleo/Cordovas Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireNew Mexico, USA0 Acres7 hrs. ago
Bitterroot Spring RX Fire 2021Prescribed FireMontana, USA0 Acres7 hrs. ago
Spring Prescribed Fire Projects 2021Prescribed FireOregon, USA0 Acres8 hrs. ago
Durfee Bolander Unit 10 RX BurnPrescribed FireNew Mexico, USA1075 Acres12 hrs. ago
Copperton RX BurnPrescribed FireNew Mexico, USA3858 Acres12 hrs. ago
Payette NF 2021 Spring Prescribed FirePrescribed FireIdaho, USA0 Acres13 hrs. ago
Owens Fire WildfireCalifornia, USA1512 Acres1 day ago
South Rim 4WildfireTexas, USA1341 Acres2 days ago
San Juan NF Prescribed Fire ProgramPrescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres2 days ago
Inyo RX Burning 2021Prescribed FireCalifornia, USA0 Acres3 days ago
Kangas Prescribed FirePrescribed FireMinnesota, USA0 Acres3 days ago
Flag FireWildfireArizona, USA1265 Acres3 days ago
Thumb Flat WildfireWildfireArizona, USA475 Acres3 days ago
Bonito Rock FireWildfireArizona, USA1668 Acres5 days ago
George Washington Jefferson NFs Rx FirePrescribed FireVirginia, USA0 Acres6 days ago
Brittle FireWildfireMichigan, USA5666 Acres7 days ago
Hoosier National Forest Prescribed BurnsPrescribed FireIndiana, USA0 Acres7 days ago
East Troublesome FireWildfireColorado, USA193812 Acres7 days ago
Big Mountain Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireWest Virginia, USA975 Acres4/29/2021
Kaibab NF South Zone Rx FirePrescribed FireArizona, USA350 Acres4/28/2021
Squaw Creek Prescribed FirePrescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres4/27/2021
Huron-Manistee NFs Spring RX BurningPrescribed FireMichigan, USA0 Acres4/23/2021
Cobham HillWildfirePennsylvania, USA227 Acres4/22/2021
Klamath NF RX Burning 2020/2021Prescribed FireCalifornia, USA0 Acres4/22/2021
Shasta-Trinity RX Burning 2020/2021Prescribed FireCalifornia, USA0 Acres4/21/2021
2021 Humboldt-Toiyabe Initial AttackWildfireNevada, USA1 Acres4/19/2021
G22WildfireArizona, USA2026 Acres4/17/2021
2021 Humboldt-Toiyabe Prescribed FirePrescribed FireNevada, USA0 Acres4/16/2021
Horse PastureWildfireNorth Dakota, USA5000 Acres4/16/2021
Boise NF - 2021 Spring Prescribed FirePrescribed FireIdaho, USA0 Acres4/16/2021
2021 Umatilla NF Prescribed FirePrescribed FireOregon, USA0 Acres4/14/2021
Cameron Peak Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseColorado, USA0 Acres4/14/2021
CalWood and Lefthand Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseColorado, USA0 Acres4/14/2021
GMUG Prescribed Fire ProgramPrescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres4/13/2021
Margo Fire WildfireArizona, USA1148 Acres4/13/2021
OnionWildfireCalifornia, USA85 Acres4/12/2021
Elk Fire 2021WildfireCalifornia, USA43 Acres4/10/2021
Williams Fork Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseColorado, USA0 Acres4/8/2021
Elk FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA229 Acres4/7/2021
August Complex Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseCalifornia, USA 4/6/2021
East Troublesome Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseColorado, USA0 Acres4/6/2021
Schroeder FireWildfireSouth Dakota, USA2224 Acres4/5/2021
244 FireWildfireSouth Dakota, USA136 Acres4/2/2021
Cameron Peak FireWildfireColorado, USA208913 Acres3/29/2021
KRRD 2021 Prescribed FirePrescribed FireCalifornia, USA3 Acres3/18/2021
Slash Pile Burning 2021Prescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres3/10/2021
McKenzie RanchPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA500 Acres3/2/2021
WDRD Prescribed BurningPrescribed FireCalifornia, USA60 Acres2/22/2021
SQF ComplexWildfireCalifornia, USA174178 Acres2/17/2021