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This table exists to help users with screen reading assistive technology or other accessibility needs work around the map based design and navigation of InciWeb. The table below contains all active incidents that are displayed on the map ordered by most recently updated. The table can be ordered in ascending or descending order by incident, type, state or size by clicking the column name. To filter the table by a word or phrase (ie. specific incident or state), enter the word in the search box above the table and press enter or click the search icon to apply the filter. Click on a hyperlinked incident name to view the detailed information page for that incident. On the incident overview page, there is an additional submenu to access the incident's announcements, closures, news, maps, and photographs.

Big Sky FireWildfireTexas, USA1459 Acres 1 min. ago
Cow CanyonWildfireWashington, USA5832 Acres1 min. ago
Cedar Creek FireWildfireOregon, USA3536 Acres11 min. ago
FishWildfireWyoming, USA6793 Acres35 min. ago
Weasel FireWildfireMontana, USA1465 Acres41 min. ago
Elmo FireWildfireMontana, USA21349 Acres49 min. ago
Hog Trough FireWildfireMontana, USA824 Acres54 min. ago
McKinney FireWildfireCalifornia, USA60389 Acres57 min. ago
Woodtick FireWildfireIdaho, USA5416 Acres1:21 hrs. ago
Six Rivers Lightning ComplexWildfireCalifornia, USA8975 Acres1:37 hrs. ago
Gate 6WildfireTexas, USA100 Acres1:55 hrs. ago
Norton FireWildfireIdaho, USA180 Acres2 hrs. ago
Diamond Watch FireWildfireIdaho, USA270 Acres2 hrs. ago
TNTWildfireTexas, USA60 Acres4 hrs. ago
Burns Creek FireWildfireTexas, USA397 Acres4 hrs. ago
Indian RidgeWildfireMontana, USA2400 Acres4 hrs. ago
Hermits Peak FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA341735 Acres4 hrs. ago
Wildcat BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseNevada, USA21429 Acres4 hrs. ago
Calf CanyonWildfireNew Mexico, USA341735 Acres4 hrs. ago
Beech Creek FireWildfireOregon, USA155 Acres6 hrs. ago
Fountain Creek FireWildfireTexas, USA480 Acres6 hrs. ago
Moose FireWildfireIdaho, USA72710 Acres7 hrs. ago
Windigo FireWildfireOregon, USA1053 Acres7 hrs. ago
Potter FireWildfireOregon, USA279 Acres7 hrs. ago
Redhorn FireWildfireMontana, USA483 Acres8 hrs. ago
Payette Wilderness Fires - Dismal FireWildfireIdaho, USA909 Acres9 hrs. ago
Yeti and Alex FiresWildfireCalifornia, USA7886 Acres9 hrs. ago
VANTAGE HIGHWAYWildfireWashington, USA30659 Acres10 hrs. ago
Sugarloaf FireWildfireWyoming, USA839 Acres10 hrs. ago
Matt Staff Rd Fire WildfireMontana, USA1587 Acres10 hrs. ago
SarcoWildfireTexas, USA515 Acres11 hrs. ago
Wolf Fang FireWildfireIdaho, USA934 Acres11 hrs. ago
Ranger Creek FireWildfireTexas, USA3237 Acres12 hrs. ago
Smoke Rider FireWildfireTexas, USA1210 Acres24 hrs. ago
Williams LakeWildfireWashington, USA0 Acres1 day ago
Committee FireWildfireArizona, USA362 Acres1 day ago
High Point FireWildfireTexas, USA235 Acres1 day ago
Hermits Peak & Calf Canyon BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseNew Mexico, USA0 Acres1 day ago
Clover FireWildfireMontana, USA1099 Acres1 day ago
2022 Humboldt-Toiyabe Initial AttackWildfireNevada, USA1 Acres1 day ago
Hermosa FireWildfireTexas, USA44 Acres2 days ago
Chalk Mountain FireWildfireTexas, USA6755 Acres3 days ago
Pine Peak FireWildfireArizona, USA1631 Acres4 days ago
Oak FireWildfireCalifornia, USA19244 Acres4 days ago
Camp Seal FireWildfireTexas, USA251 Acres4 days ago
Halfway Hill FireWildfireUtah, USA11701 Acres5 days ago
Gem Lake FireWildfireWyoming, USA21 Acres5 days ago
Washburn FireWildfireCalifornia, USA4886 Acres5 days ago
Bean ComplexWildfireAlaska, USA197255 Acres6 days ago
Dodge Springs FireWildfireNevada, USA5644 Acres6 days ago
Dalton Highway ComplexWildfireAlaska, USA91679 Acres6 days ago
Blue Bluff FireWildfireTexas, USA60 Acres6 days ago
Cerro PeladoWildfireNew Mexico, USA45605 Acres6 days ago
Bear Trap FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA38225 Acres7 days ago
Washburn Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseCalifornia, USA0 Acres8/1/2022
Lime ComplexWildfireAlaska, USA865620 Acres7/29/2022
East Fork Fire WildfireAlaska, USA250725 Acres7/29/2022
Clear FireWildfireAlaska, USA72191 Acres7/29/2022
C3WildfireArizona, USA1378 Acres7/29/2022
Dragon Fire WildfireArizona, USA1375 Acres7/28/2022
Sheep Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseCalifornia, USA0 Acres7/27/2022
Big Sandy Fire WildfireArizona, USA150 Acres7/26/2022
Avalanche FireWildfireCalifornia, USA29 Acres7/26/2022
Middle Tanana ComplexWildfireAlaska, USA60861 Acres7/26/2022
Moors Mountain FireWildfireMontana, USA98 Acres7/26/2022
Nelson Creek FireWildfireTexas, USA1896 Acres7/25/2022
Black Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseNew Mexico, USA0 Acres7/25/2022
WildcatWildfireNevada, USA21429 Acres7/25/2022
Animas City Mountain Prescribed BurnPrescribed FireColorado, USA0 Acres7/24/2022
StaymanWildfireWashington, USA1200 Acres7/22/2022
Minto LakesWildfireAlaska, USA37554 Acres7/20/2022
Jacob CityWildfireUtah, USA4185 Acres7/19/2022
Becky Peak FireWildfireNevada, USA5989 Acres7/18/2022
Jellison FireWildfireMontana, USA5 Acres7/18/2022
Cerro Pelado Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseNew Mexico, USA0 Acres7/16/2022
McBride Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseNew Mexico, USA0 Acres7/16/2022
Nogal Canyon Post-Fire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseNew Mexico, USA0 Acres7/16/2022
Goshute FireWildfireNevada, USA1966 Acres7/15/2022
Left Fork FireWildfireUtah, USA4239 Acres7/2/2022
Black FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA325136 Acres7/2/2022
Raspberry FireWildfireArizona, USA413 Acres6/27/2022
Crooks FireWildfireArizona, USA9402 Acres6/27/2022
Contreras Fire WildfireArizona, USA29482 Acres6/25/2022
Carbon County FloodFloodMontana, USA0 Square Miles6/24/2022
Kinsley FireWildfireNevada, USA3209 Acres6/23/2022
Sheep FireWildfireCalifornia, USA865 Acres6/19/2022
Tonto Canyon FireWildfireArizona, USA9264 Acres6/19/2022
Sierra FireWildfireCalifornia, USA11 Acres6/17/2022
Graham FireWildfireCalifornia, USA100 Acres6/16/2022
Deer CreekWildfireArizona, USA1042 Acres6/14/2022
Cienegita FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA37 Acres6/9/2022
Perins Peak FireWildfireColorado, USA106 Acres6/9/2022
Foster Fire WildfireArizona, USA7598 Acres6/4/2022
Bouquet FireWildfireCalifornia, USA50 Acres6/1/2022
Blue Fire WildfireCalifornia, USA1 Acres6/1/2022
SimmsWildfireColorado, USA313 Acres5/31/2022
2022 Humboldt-Toiyabe Prescribed FirePrescribed FireNevada, USA0 Acres5/17/2022
Hoosier National Forest Prescribed Fire Prescribed FireIndiana, USA0 Acres5/12/2022