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Table of Incidents - Alternative Accessibility Friendly Map View

This page exists to help users with screen reading assistive technology or other accessibility needs work around the map based design and navigation of Inciweb site. The table below contains all active incidents that are displayed on the map, ordered by most recently updated. Follow a hyperlinked incident name to view the detailed information page for that incident. On the incident overview page, there is an additional submenu to access the incident's announcements, closures, news, maps, and photographs.

Donnell FireWildfireCalifornia, USA29756 Acres1 min. ago
Valley FireWildfireCalifornia, USA1350 Acres1 min. ago
Cougar Creek FireWildfireWashington, USA31062 Acres5 min. ago
Stone FireWildfireCalifornia, USA0 Acres12 min. ago
Gold Hill WildfireMontana, USA122 Acres13 min. ago
Cache Creek FireWildfireColorado, USA2520 Acres18 min. ago
Wigwam FireWildfireMontana, USA2300 Acres22 min. ago
Monument FireWildfireMontana, USA4415 Acres22 min. ago
Rabbit Foot FireWildfireIdaho, USA26294 Acres31 min. ago
Trail 467 FireWildfireMontana, USA30 Acres44 min. ago
Modoc lightning fires 2018WildfireCalifornia, USA200 Acres52 min. ago
Ferguson FireWildfireCalifornia, USA96810 Acres54 min. ago
Holy FireWildfireCalifornia, USA22986 Acres55 min. ago
Davis FireWildfireMontana, USA5565 Acres1:04 hrs. ago
Hirz FireWildfireCalifornia, USA7650 Acres1:11 hrs. ago
Howe Ridge FireWildfireMontana, USA2600 Acres1:02 hrs. ago
Rattlesnake Creek FireWildfireIdaho, USA5282 Acres1:19 hrs. ago
McLeod FireWildfireWashington, USA2800 Acres1:28 hrs. ago
Kettle River FireWildfireWashington, USA52 Acres1:03 hrs. ago
Miles FireWildfireOregon, USA45606 Acres1:04 hrs. ago
Surprise Creek FireWildfireIdaho, USA1800 Acres1:50 hrs. ago
Silver Creek FireWildfireColorado, USA3198 Acres1:05 hrs. ago
Cat FireWildfireArizona, USA3635 Acres2 hrs. ago
Mesa FireWildfireIdaho, USA34700 Acres2 hrs. ago
Dollar Ridge FireWildfireUtah, USA68480 Acres2 hrs. ago
Natchez FireWildfireOregon, USA15940 Acres3 hrs. ago
Crescent Mountain FireWildfireWashington, USA17100 Acres3 hrs. ago
Beaver CreekWildfireMontana, USA1000 Acres3 hrs. ago
Taylor Creek FireWildfireOregon, USA49025 Acres3 hrs. ago
Miriam FireWildfireWashington, USA2250 Acres3 hrs. ago
Heavens Sake FireWildfireMontana, USA1 Acres4 hrs. ago
Klondike FireWildfireOregon, USA57325 Acres4 hrs. ago
Bull Draw FireWildfireColorado, USA26900 Acres4 hrs. ago
Sharps Fire WildfireIdaho, USA64853 Acres4 hrs. ago
Kiwah FireWildfireIdaho, USA15437 Acres4 hrs. ago
Hat FireWildfireCalifornia, USA0 Acres4 hrs. ago
Kelly Mountain FireWildfireWashington, USA23 Acres4 hrs. ago
Cabin Lake FireWildfireColorado, USA3700 Acres5 hrs. ago
Shellrock FireWildfireMontana, USA300 Acres5 hrs. ago
Fire Trail FireWildfireWyoming, USA30 Acres6 hrs. ago
Boyds FireWildfireWashington, USA2950 Acres6 hrs. ago
Paola RidgeWildfireMontana, USA370 Acres7 hrs. ago
Coal Hollow FireWildfireUtah, USA25744 Acres7 hrs. ago
Pole Canyon FireWildfireUtah, USA365 Acres7 hrs. ago
Plateau FireWildfireColorado, USA17768 Acres7 hrs. ago
Mendocino ComplexWildfireCalifornia, USA363845 Acres8 hrs. ago
Coal RidgeWildfireMontana, USA215 Acres8 hrs. ago
Cougar FireWildfireIdaho, USA3700 Acres8 hrs. ago
Brownstone FireWildfireMontana, USA1736 Acres8 hrs. ago
Bacon Rind FireWildfireMontana, USA1388 Acres9 hrs. ago
Lions FireWildfireCalifornia, USA10004 Acres9 hrs. ago
Garden Creek FireWildfireMontana, USA2052 Acres10 hrs. ago
Horns MountainWildfireWashington, USA832 Acres10 hrs. ago
Maple FireWildfireWashington, USA1245 Acres10 hrs. ago
Obi FireWildfireArizona, USA9921 Acres10 hrs. ago
Weeksville FireWildfireMontana, USA54 Acres11 hrs. ago
Goldstone FireWildfireMontana, USA4000 Acres11 hrs. ago
Copper Mountain FireWildfireIdaho, USA182 Acres12 hrs. ago
Hub Point FireWildfireArizona, USA2882 Acres12 hrs. ago
Stina FireWildfireArizona, USA1900 Acres13 hrs. ago
Tenmile FireWildfireMontana, USA681 Acres14 hrs. ago
Sterling ComplexWildfireMontana, USA903 Acres14 hrs. ago
Keauhou FireWildfireHawaii, USA3739 Acres20 hrs. ago
Platypus FireWildfireArizona, USA700 Acres1 day ago
Surveyor FireWildfireArizona, USA10 Acres1 day ago
Buttermilk FireWildfireColorado, USA748 Acres1 day ago
Carr FireWildfireCalifornia, USA0 Acres1 day ago
Rocky Mountain Region-2018 PostFire BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseColorado, USA0 Acres1 day ago
Georges Fire WildfireCalifornia, USA2883 Acres1 day ago
Rampike FireWildfireIdaho, USA1100 Acres1 day ago
Green Mountain FireWildfireColorado, USA53 Acres1 day ago
Bald WildfireWildfireArizona, USA340 Acres1 day ago
Hendrix FireWildfireOregon, USA1082 Acres1 day ago
Virginia CreekWildfireMontana, USA67 Acres1 day ago
Red Canyon FireWildfireColorado, USA5722 Acres1 day ago
Smith Creek FireWildfireIdaho, USA835 Acres1 day ago
Porcupine FireWildfireMontana, USA17 Acres2 days ago
Lake Christine FireWildfireColorado, USA12588 Acres2 days ago
Moccasin Mesa FireWildfireColorado, USA185 Acres2 days ago
Angel Springs FireWildfireWashington, USA5046 Acres2 days ago
Alpine FireWildfireIdaho, USA103 Acres2 days ago
Goose Rapids FireWildfireIdaho, USA1158 Acres2 days ago
Murphy FireWildfireCalifornia, USA117 Acres2 days ago
Sheep Creek FireWildfireWashington, USA458 Acres4 days ago
Cranston FireWildfireCalifornia, USA13139 Acres5 days ago
Stubbs FireWildfireArizona, USA8500 Acres5 days ago
West Guard FireWildfireColorado, USA1424 Acres5 days ago
Sugarloaf FireWildfireColorado, USA1280 Acres5 days ago
South Valley FireWildfireOregon, USA20026 Acres5 days ago
Mariposa FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA958 Acres6 days ago
Bears FireWildfireArizona, USA6500 Acres6 days ago
Gilbert FireWildfireWashington, USA38 Acres6 days ago
Owens FireWildfireCalifornia, USA312 Acres6 days ago
Hot Creek FireWildfireCalifornia, USA436 Acres6 days ago
Eel FireWildfireCalifornia, USA972 Acres7 days ago
Highway 37 FireWildfireMontana, USA70 Acres7 days ago
Keithly FireWildfireIdaho, USA17600 Acres7 days ago
Timber Crater 6WildfireOregon, USA3126 Acres8/5/2018