Table of Incidents - Alternative Accessibility Friendly Map View

This table exists to help users with screen reading assistive technology or other accessibility needs work around the map based design and navigation of InciWeb. The table below contains all active incidents that are displayed on the map ordered by most recently updated. The table can be ordered in ascending or descending order by incident, type, state or size by clicking the column name. To filter the table by a word or phrase (ie. specific incident or state), enter the word in the search box above the table and press enter or click the search icon to apply the filter. Click on a hyperlinked incident name to view the detailed information page for that incident. On the incident overview page, there is an additional submenu to access the incident's announcements, closures, news, maps, and photographs.

Fresnal FireWildfireArizona, USA65 Acres1:41 hrs. ago
BighornWildfireArizona, USA119020 Acres1:45 hrs. ago
CanalWildfireUtah, USA78065 Acres2 hrs. ago
Polles FireWildfireArizona, USA572 Acres3 hrs. ago
Meadow Valley FireWildfireNevada, USA33763 Acres3 hrs. ago
Numbers FireWildfireNevada, USA17400 Acres3 hrs. ago
MahoganyWildfireNevada, USA2758 Acres4 hrs. ago
Hog FireWildfireCalifornia, USA533 Acres6 hrs. ago
Flat FireWildfireCalifornia, USA62 Acres6 hrs. ago
Wood Springs 2 FireWildfireArizona, USA12861 Acres8 hrs. ago
2020 Tonto NF BAER InformationBurned Area Emergency ResponseArizona, USA0 Acres8 hrs. ago
Goose CreekWildfireColorado, USA171 Acres9 hrs. ago
Mangum FireWildfireArizona, USA71450 Acres12 hrs. ago
SoledadWildfireCalifornia, USA1498 Acres12 hrs. ago
Sand Creek FireWildfireColorado, USA103 Acres14 hrs. ago
Good FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA17950 Acres16 hrs. ago
Cub FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA10250 Acres16 hrs. ago
Tadpole FireWildfireNew Mexico, USA11159 Acres16 hrs. ago
2020 Coronado BAERBurned Area Emergency ResponseArizona, USA0 Acres1 day ago
Quarter FireWildfireCalifornia, USA10 Acres1 day ago
Vics PeakWildfireNew Mexico, USA13076 Acres1 day ago
Loading PenWildfireColorado, USA42 Acres2 days ago
Humboldt-Toiyabe 2020 Initial Attack WildfireNevada, USA1 Acres2 days ago
PoevilleWildfireNevada, USA2975 Acres2 days ago
Bush FireWildfireArizona, USA193455 Acres2 days ago
Split FireWildfireUtah, USA18 Acres3 days ago
Mount R FireWildfireCalifornia, USA62 Acres3 days ago
Twin FireWildfireNevada, USA25781 Acres5 days ago
Miller FireWildfireNevada, USA4519 Acres5 days ago
Aurora FireWildfireCalifornia, USA280 Acres6 days ago
Bringham FireWildfireArizona, USA23142 Acres7 days ago
Central FireWildfireArizona, USA4499 Acres7 days ago
Brown FireWildfireNevada, USA8268 Acres6/30/2020
East CanyonWildfireColorado, USA2905 Acres6/29/2020
Aquila FireWildfireArizona, USA893 Acres6/26/2020
Ridge FireWildfireCalifornia, USA83 Acres6/22/2020
Isom Creek Fire (#187)WildfireAlaska, USA12180 Acres6/22/2020
Lost Creek FireWildfireWyoming, USA591 Acres6/22/2020
Wilson RoadWildfireSouth Dakota, USA1577 Acres6/22/2020
Ant FireWildfireCalifornia, USA10 Acres6/19/2020
Sawtooth Fire WildfireArizona, USA24729 Acres6/19/2020
Dry Lake FireWildfireArizona, USA4266 Acres6/18/2020
Blue River FireWildfireArizona, USA30400 Acres6/18/2020
SHF Lightning Fires 2020WildfireCalifornia, USA15 Acres6/15/2020
June Lightning 2020WildfireCalifornia, USA6 Acres6/12/2020
Ocotillo Fire WildfireArizona, USA980 Acres6/2/2020
East Desert Fire WildfireArizona, USA1492 Acres5/25/2020