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Jacob City

Unit Information

Utah Division Forestry Fire State Lands
1594 W North Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84114

Incident Contact

Kim Smolt
Phone: 801-449-1778
Hours: Mon - Sun 8-8

July 17 Jacob City Fire Daily Update

Jacob City Wildfire
News – 7/17/2022

 Jacob City Fire Daily Update July 17, 2022

·Community meeting in Stockton, Utah at 6:30 pm on Monday, July 18 at the Pavilion at Stockton Park.
 Yesterday, crews achieved 82 percent containment of the fire. Working in steep, rugged country, firefighters made significant progress constructing fireline south of Soldier Creek and continued to address a line of burning trees near Bald Mountain. Other crews moved into suppression repair using specialized equipment, while a wildland fire module patrolled and looked for heat in heavy timber on very steep slopes on the north side of Sharp Mountain. Fire behavior has been limited to smoldering and creeping the last few days. 

Today, helicopters will shuttle some crews that have been camped out on the fireline down to the valley for demobilization.  A drawdown of resources is underway as containment of the fire rapidly increases. Aviation resources will also continue backhaul of equipment and resources.   As monsoonal moisture begins to move into southern Utah, the chance for significant rain on the fire may begin to diminish. However, the warm dry weather in the area tomorrow is expected to give way to potential thunderstorms in the late afternoon to early evening. The chance of wetting rains continues to drop after today.

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