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Jacob City

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Unit Information

1594 W North Temple 
Salt Lake City, 
1594 W North Temple 
Salt Lake City, 

Incident Contacts

  • Kim Smolt
    Mon - Sun 8-8


Yesterday, the fireline from Bald Mountain to Commodore Pass was controlled, increasing containment to 93 percent.  On the west end of the fire, suppression repair and seeding of dozer lines was completed.  Helicopters continued backhauling supplies and equipment.  The hot spot at the head of Soldier Creek drainage has not expanded.  Thunderstorms brought minimal moisture to the fire area. 
 Yesterday, crews achieved 92 percent containment as firefighters made significant progress on the Jacob City Fire. Suppression repair continued, using specialized equipment. This effort includes ensuring dozer lines and other areas impacted while actively fighting the fire are repaired and seeded. Helicopters shuttled some crews that were camped out on the fireline down to the valley for demobilization. Aviation resources also continued backhaul of equipment and resources. 
 Jacob City Fire Daily Update July 17, 2022*Community meeting in Stockton, Utah at 6:30 pm on Monday, July 18 at the Pavilion at Stockton Park. 
Monsoonal moisture moderated fire behavior and allowed firefighting crews to make extensive progress in completing line and increasing containment of the fire. Crews also mopped up hot spots along the northern flank of thefire near Edwards Pass and secured a section of line south toward the Soldier Creek drainage bottom.
Yesterday, thunderstorms dropped moderate wetting rain in the fire area. Crews on the northernmost edge of the fire constructed fireline and worked to control some spotting. They also dug handline to control spread outside of the fire’s perimeter and received extra support from numerous water drops. With the help of engines, crews continued to construct handlines upslope from the bottom of Soldier Canyon toward Sharp Mountain. Firefighters expanded the area around a structure within the fire perimeter near Commodore Pass.
 Yesterday, the fire experienced very dry, hot weather. With engine support, crews constructed handlines upslope from the bottom of Soldier Canyon. Crews also worked on fireline from Soldier Creek south toward Sharp Mountain, while other firefighters secured the area around a structure within the fire perimeter near Commodore Pass. Helicopters shuttled crews into areas of steep, inaccessible, terrain, and will continue to support firefighters over the next few days.Today, burning operations continue west of Bald Mountain.
Yesterday, weather worked in the favor of crews, seeing less active fire behavior throughout most of the shift. Air attack was able to get retardant lines around most of the perimeter.
Yesterday, the fire experienced favorable weather conditions for crews in the southwest corner to complete a burnout operation. This occurred in an unburned pocket of fuel that had potential for spotting from the main front of the fire. This successful operation will help the existing fireline hold during the next few periods of increased heat and wind. Helicopters were used throughout yesterday to complete bucket drops, crew shuttle, and providing crews with supplies.