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Porphyry Fire

Unit Information

Payette National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
500 N Mission St
McCall, ID 83638

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Incident Contact

Payette Fire Information
Phone: 208-634-0820
Hours: Daily, 8a.m. to 8p.m.

Map, Porphyry Fire, September 6, 2022Image options: [ Full Size ]

The Porphyry Fire is at 2,930 acres. Containment of the fire is at 40%, which meets the containment goals for the portion of this fire located outside of the Wilderness Area.  This fire is now in patrol status.

The area closure has been rescinded. There are no longer any closures associated with this fire. Backcountry users are responsible for knowing and preparing for the hazards involved with entering an active fire area.

The Porphyry Fire started within the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area and is a fire start from the August 11th thunderstorms that passed over the Payette National Forest.  On August 18, the fire moved to the west and out of the Wilderness Area. 

This fire is under a partial Suppression Strategy with Point/Zone Protection being conducted at noted values at risk and containment line being constructed at locations where it is needed.  The focus of our firefighting strategy and tactics is to protect values at risk and stop the fire from further west, north, and south progression.

Initial attack on this fire used aerial assets to try to keep the fire in check, but due to the steep and rugged terrain, firefighters were not able to safety get to the fire location. Significant growth of the fire took place on August 18 toward Hettinger Ranch/South Fork Ranch, but it remains in the drainage just to the north of the ranch.  Additional firefighters and engines were placed at the ranch to implement structure protection measures and look for opportunities to steer the fire to the north away from the ranch and act as a containment line to stop progression up-river.  Additional tactics are being assessed to hold this fire to as small a size as safely possible.

To achieve point protection goals, crews completed fire line construction on the south and southwest areas of the fire and conducted burnout operations throughout the night to remove fuels and keep the fire from spreading  further to the south and impacting the Hettinger Ranch, and to hold the fire from moving further west into the China Mountain area.  This burn operation used an UAS (drone) which work well in attaining the desired outcome in securing the fire.  A burnout of fuels was also conducted at the Porphyry Bridge and was successful in protecting the structure – the bridge is no longer in danger. 

While no area closures are in place, there is still active fire in the area. Hunters that plan to hunt this area may want to consider developing a plan B in case access is not available. It is advisable for hunter to contact the Idaho Department of Fish and Game to discuss their hunting options.

Basic Information

Current as of
Incident TypeWildfire
Date of OriginSaturday August 13th, 2022 approx. 12:00 AM
LocationWest of Porphyry Creek, 9 miles east of Warren, ID. Just north of Hettinger Ranch.
Incident CommanderType 4 Incident Command
Incident DescriptionWildfire
Coordinates45.266 latitude, -115.484 longitude

Current Situation

Size2,930 Acres
Percent of Perimeter Contained40%
Fuels Involved

Grass and timber.

Significant Events

No reported growth on fire; infrared mapping hasn't occurred since September 8th.


Planned Actions

Continue to patrol edges of fire outside of wilderness;

Projected Incident Activity

Minimal fire growth is expected. Fire fighters will continue to patrol edges of fire outside of wilderness.


40% containment describes the portion of the fire edge outside of the wilderness area. Containment goals for portions of the fire located outside the Wilderness area have been achieved.