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Calf Canyon

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Unit Information

New Mexico 
Santa Fe, 
New Mexico 
Santa Fe, 

Incident Contacts

  • Calf Canyon Fire Information
    8am to 8pm
  • Santa Fe National Forest Public Affairs

Evacuation Notice for Colfax County

Calf Canyon
Closures - 05/11/2022


Effective at 11:30 A.M. on the Hermits Peak /Calf Canyon Fire, Colfax County Sheriff's Office in consultation with Colfax County Emergency Management is placing the following communities in READY Evacuation status:

  • Vietnam Memorial Area
  • Taos Pines 
The following communities have been moved to SET status:
  • Village of Angel Fire 
The following communities have been moved to GO Status:
  • Black Lake
  • Black Lake Resort
  • Hidden Lake 
The status changes are necessary due to current fire behavior and predicted weather, verified by fire models that show significant potential for fire growth to the north. We want to stress that there is not an immediate threat and there are no fires in the area. We ask that everyone evacuate through north through Angel Fire to US 64 West to Taos or East to Raton. You will see Colfax County Sheriff's deputies, New Mexico State Police, and the New Mexico National Guard going door to door asking you to evacuate. You can call 1-800-432-2080 for evacuation sites if you need assistance evacuating contact local law enforcement Raton Central Dispatch 575-445-2704 or Red River Dispatch 575-754-6166.

We want to stress that Ready Status does not mean you have to evacuate your homes now. Instead, it is a way of identifying communities that could potentially be impacted by future evacuation orders. A real simple explanation of the Ready, Set, Go means of evacuation notice is as follows. Again, we stress, there is no need to leave you homes just yet, instead, get prepared. If we need to escalate these evacuation orders, we will provide you with instructions on shelter locations and escape routes. Keep tuned to local Radio and social media. Thank you. 

READY - Prepare Now Prepare for the hazards that can threaten your community. Meaning get prepared now just in case. 

~ Register with your county emergency notification system. Our emergency notification system can be found at the county website under Emergency Management.
~ Public Service announcements can be viewed at the Sheriff's web page~ Take steps now to prepare for seasonal threats.~ Make a family communication plan that includes family phone numbers, out-of-town contacts, and family meeting locations.~ Assemble an emergency supplies kit (Go Kit). Start with the five P's: people and pet supplies, prescriptions, papers, personal needs and priceless items.~ Check with your neighbors, family, friends, and elders to ensure they are READY .~Keep up to date on local news, weather watches and warnings.

- Be Alert There is significant danger in your area. Simply put, Load Up the Truck.
~ Residents should consider voluntarily relocating to a shelter or with family/friends outside the affected area.
~ Grab your emergency supplies kit .
~ Keep in mind unique needs for your family or special equipment for pets and livestock .
~ Stay aware of the latest news and information from public safety officials. This might be the only notice you receive. Emergency services cannot guarantee they will be able to notify everyone if conditions rapidly deteriorate. Be SET to GO.

- Evacuate Danger in your area is current and life-threatening. GET OUT NOW!
~ Residents should evacuate immediately to a shelter or with family/friends outside of the affected area.
~ If you choose to ignore this advisement, you must understand emergency services may not be able to assist you further.
~ Follow instructions from emergency personnel, stay on designated evacuation routes and avoid closed areas.