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Eagle Creek Fire Photographs

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The Trail Register building once housed the book that hikers would sign before heading out on the trail. You can see from the burned area behind it just how close the fire came to these structures.

Trail Register building | BAER Team
Posted on: 10/01/17 03:32 pm

Suspension Bridge crossing Eagle Creek: This image shows both the twisted bridge platform and the steep, burned area across the creek, two different examples of the safety hazards currently being assessed throughout the Gorge trail systems.

Suspension Bridge crossing Eagle Creek | BAER Team
Posted on: 10/01/17 03:32 pm

The Community Kitchen was used to feed the CCC work crews that built the Eagle Creek Recreation Area, and is now part of the larger picnic area.

Community Kitchen | BAER Team
Posted on: 10/01/17 03:32 pm

Multnomah Falls from the air: A BAER team geologist took this image during a helicopter survey, which shows the patchy burned areas around Multnomah Falls. The steep slopes and sheer cliffs that create waterfalls are the reason the Gorge has such magnific

Multnomah Falls from the air | BAER Team
Posted on: 10/01/17 03:32 pm

Geologist Ryan Cole stands next to a small slope failure near Tanner Creek. This slide occurred before the fire burned through the area, showing the instability of the undisturbed soils. The fire will make these slopes more prone to slides and erosion.

Geologist Ryan Cole | BAER Team
Posted on: 10/01/17 02:08 pm

BAER Team soils scientist Melissa Waid with exposed tree roots. This shows heavy erosion since the fire burned through the area, from a combination of wind and rain.

Soils scientist Melissa Waid | BAER Team
Posted on: 10/01/17 02:08 pm

Hydrophobic soils - Soils scientist check the level of soil damage by pouring water onto the surface of the ground. Fire-damaged soils can be hydrophobic, where the water won't soak into the soil. This increases the amount and speed of runoff from a burne

Scientists test hydrophobic soils
Posted on: 09/30/17 02:21 pm

Multi-agency botanist meeting - Botanists and other representatives from federal and state agencies met on 9/28 with BAER Team botanists and Resource Advisors from the Eagle Creek Fire to discuss concerns about invasive plants.

BAER: Multi-agency Botantists meeting
Posted on: 09/30/17 02:21 pm

Beargrass sprouts in burned area - Beargrass is resprouting in some areas that burned in the Eagle Creek Fire. This area is west of Tanner Creek on the BPA right of way.

Beargrass sprouts in burned area
Posted on: 09/30/17 02:21 pm


BAER team member examining soil in burned area.
Posted on: 09/28/17 11:16 am

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