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Highway 200 Complex Photographs

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Looking down Contol Creek on the Kootenai NF as seen from Vermilion Pass

Control Creek
Posted on: 09/30/17 10:39 am

Bemish Creek after the Sheep Gap fire burned through

Bemish Creek
Posted on: 09/30/17 10:36 am

The large bowl just west of Cougar Peak lookout created a firestorm that eventually threatened the lookout building.

Deep Bowl
Posted on: 09/30/17 10:25 am

Cougar Peak lookout after the Deep Creek fire burned past. Structure was wrapped and retardant was dropped on the building and in the immediate area before and after the fire passed.

Cougar Peak lookout still stands
Posted on: 09/30/17 10:18 am

Benson Draw burned area from the Miller Fire. Photo taken Sept. 22.

Benson Draw burn area from Miller Fire
Posted on: 09/23/17 06:07 pm

A local member of the Thompson Falls Mountaineers 4-H club delivered a Thank You poster fo rthe firefighters at the Highway 200 Complex.

A local 4-H member delivers a Thank You
Posted on: 09/21/17 05:01 pm

Public Information Officer Trainee Derrick Waatsa shares a Thank You from the local 4-H club with firefighters at the morning briefing.

Public Information shares a Thank You at Briefing
Posted on: 09/21/17 04:57 pm

Moose Peak/Miller Creek Closure Order page 1

Moose Peak/Miller Creek Fires Closure order page 1
Posted on: 09/20/17 07:59 pm

Sheep Gap Closure order update 09-23-2017

Sheep Gap Closure order map
Posted on: 09/20/17 05:35 pm

Deep Creek Closure Order Update 20170919

Closure Order Update 20170919
Posted on: 09/20/17 01:16 pm

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