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Two Four Two Fire

Unit Information

Fremont-Winema National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
1301 S. G St.
Lakeview, OR 97630

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

Fremont-Winema Fire Information Center
Phone: 541-846-8174

Tamara Schmidt
Phone: 541-947-6243

News Releases — Two Four Two Fire

Two Four Two Fire Daily Update - 9-22-2020 Released: 9/22/2020
 Fire Summary:Last night an infrared flight flew over the fire to identify any areas of heat near the perimeter of the fire. Any identified hot spots will be taken care of today before crews are...
Two Four Two Fire Daily Update - 9-21-2020 Released: 9/21/2020
 Fire Summary:Today is the last day that the National Guard will be working a full shift on the Two Four Two Fire. We thank them for their contributions and personal sacrifice in helping with our...
Two Four Two Fire Daily Update - 9-20-2020 Released: 9/20/2020
 Fire Summary:There will be a virtual community meeting via Facebook Live at 7pm to-night. Hear from incident leadership and community leaders on successes and resources available for support after...
Two Four Two Fire Daily Update - 9-19-2020 Released: 9/19/2020
 Fire Summary:Great progress was made yesterday as crews are getting close to meeting the 100 foot depth of blackened perimeter around the fire. In some areas crews have gone beyond the 100’ to...
Two Four Two Fire Daily Update - 9-18-2020 Released: 9/18/2020
 Fire Summary:Overnight, crews patrolled Highway 97 and Highway 62 to look for visible hot spots and extinguish any that were found. There has been heavy traffic through both Highway 97 and Highway...
Two Four Two Fire Daily Update - 9-17-2020 Released: 9/17/2020
 Fire Summary:There is another Red Flag warning from 2pm to 8pm over the fire area today. Crews have used the past few days to continue to strengthen the fire lines against any weather event. A...
Two Four Two Fire Daily Update 9-16-2020 Released: 9/16/2020
 Fire Summary:There is a Red Flag Warning for our area for gusty winds and low relative humidity today. The weather continues to be dry and we are ex-pecting to see gusts up to 20 mph today. In...
Two Four Two Fire AM Update - 9-15-2020 Released: 9/15/2020
Fire Summary:As of 9 a.m. today all evacuation are lifted. Access to highway 422 North will be open at noon. Highway 62 and highway 422 remain closed to the public. Only residence of these areas will...
Two Four Two Fire PM Update - 9-14-2020 Released: 9/14/2020
 Fire Summary:Chiloquin Fire Chief Mike Cook said, "We are lifting all evacuation orders effective tomorrow at 9 a.m. September, 15. Access to Road 422 North will be at noon. Highway 62 and Road 422...
Two Four Two Fire AM Update - 9-14-2020 Released: 9/14/2020
 Fire Summary:Last night an infrared flight was able to capture the fires hot spots. Today crews will focus on extinguishing those as well as focusing on mop-ping up around the perimeter....