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Double Creek Fire

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Double Creek Fire Update - 09/22/2022

Double Creek Fire Wildfire
News – 9/22/2022

Double Creek, Sturgill, Nebo, Goat Mountain Two FiresSeptember 22, 2022 Daily Update – 8:00 AM
Public Meeting – Friday, September 23rd at 6:00 PM at Joseph Community Event Center and streamed via Facebook Live
Highlights: The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest updated their road, trail and area closures and their public use restrictions today. The road, trail and area closers took effect on September 21, 2022 and the specifics can be found on the Double Creek Fire Facebook page. The public use restrictions, sometimes referred to as fire restrictions, will be reduced from Phase B to Phase A. Those changes are set to take effect on Friday, September 23rd at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time and are also posted to the Double Creek Fire Facebook page.

Double Creek Fire: 157,320 acres | 58% contained | 579 personnel assigned

The fire grew twenty-four acres in the last twenty-four hours. The Incident Commander flew over the northern portion of the fire yesterday and observed isolated pockets of fire burning in grass and downed logs. Crews are monitoring this area to see what impact today’s precipitation will have on fire activity. A dozer line is being constructed on the southern edge of the fire to tie existing fireline into the road system. The entire western edge of the fire is now contained.

Eagle Cap Wilderness Fires

The Nebo, Sturgill, and Goat Mountain 2 Fires were lightning-caused and are being managed to protect public and private infrastructure while playing a natural role within designated Wilderness. Progress on managed fires is expressed through the accomplishment of ecological and fuel reduction objectives as opposed to progress on full suppression fires, which is expressed through containment.

Nebo Fire: 12,600 acres | 50% of management objectives achieved | 54 personnel assigned

The fire grew one acre in the last twenty-four hours. Equipment on FSR 3920-50 is chipping trees, slash, and brush. While the direct impact of this fuel reduction work is to slow the progress of the Nebo fire should conditions change and fire activity increase, this will also provide long-term benefits for forest health and improved wildlife habitat. Crews will monitor the fire and mop any hot spots discovered.

Sturgill Fire: 20,192 acres | 53% of management objectives achieved | 64 personnel assigned

The fire grew thirty-four acres in the last twenty-four hours. Fire suppression repair continues to be the main mission today. Trucks are hauling trees cut outside of the wilderness to staging areas where they will be sold and then taken to a mill for processing. Excavators and masticators are chipping brush and debris. Those chips then play a vital role in recycling nutrients back into the soil. Pumps, hoses, and other equipment used during fire suppression are being transported back to the main incident camp for rehab.

Goat Mountain 2 Fire: 536 acres | 0 personnel assigned

The Goat Mountain 2 Fire exhibited zero growth in the last twenty-four hours. Aircraft will continue to monitor the fire as smoke and weather permit.

Weather: Cloudy skies and scattered rain showers will persist throughout the day. Highs are expected to reach the high 60s in the lower areas and the high 50s to low 60s higher up. Gusty winds are possible across the fire areas as the low pressure system moves through the area.

Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Temporary Area Closures: The Wallowa-Whitman National Forest issued Temporary Area Closures for the Double Creek Fire, Nebo Fire, and Sturgill and Goat Mountain 2 Fires. Closure Orders and Maps are available on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest Fire Incident Updates page.

Road Closures: Forest Service Road (FSR) 8250 east to the junction with FSR 8250-040, FSR 3900-100, and FSR 3900-200 remain closed. All forest service roads within the new area closure boundaries are closed. Wallowa County Road 727 remains open.

Restrictions: Fire Restrictions are in place for all National Forest System Lands within the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. Campfires should be in fire pits surrounded by dirt, rock, or commercial rings and in areas not conducive to rapid fire spread. All flammable material shall be cleared within a 3-foot radius from the edge of the pit and free of overhanging material. Use existing pits wherever possible. All fires need to be attended at all times and fully extinguished when not attended.

Airspace: A Temporary Flight Restriction is in place for the Double Creek Fire to provide a safe environment for firefighting aircraft operations over the fire. Be aware that flight restrictions also apply to drones. Drones flying in areas of wildfire activity will cause firefighting aircraft to be grounded.

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Double Creek Fire

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