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Dalton Highway Complex

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Alaska Fire Service - Tanana Zone
Bureau of Land Management
Fort Wainwright, AK 99703

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Incident Contact

BLM AFS Public Affairs Specialist Beth Ipsen
Phone: 907-356-5511
Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

Dalton Highway Update Complex (07-26-2022)

Dalton Highway Complex Wildfire
News – 7/26/2022

Overall containment of the Dalton Highway Complex increased to 57%, with the Idaho Bar Fire (#555) now fully contained. Fire activity did not increase during three days of warm, dry weather. The weather will be changing back to a cool, wet regime Tuesday and persist through the week; fire behavior is expected to be minimal or nonexistent on the several fires that have been generating scattered and isolated amounts of smoke recently. The only fires that produced any observable smoke Monday were the Fort Hamlin Hills Fire (#562), Huron Fire (#372), MM 125 Fire (#441), and Troublesome Fire (#359). Even so, the smoldering hotspots are neither abundant nor expected to cause the fires to grow; the fire perimeters are likely to remain unchanged.

The Gold Pan Fire (#565) and Idaho Bar Fire (#555) have been mopped up, with no visible smoke or heat. The Douglas Fire (#336) continues to show no smoke or heat. The MM 125 Fire (#441) and the Fort Hamlin Hills Fire (#562) show some heat well within the fire perimeters.

Firefighters will be relocating from the Arctic Circle basecamp to Five Mile Campground just north of the Yukon River in order to consolidate crew and remaining equipment. The firefighters focused on structure protection in Rampart will continue to patrol and prepare excess supplies for return to the cache.

Dalton Highway Complex (89,100 acres):  The Dalton Highway Complex consists of 17 fires east and west of the Dalton Highway corridor from Livengood and Rampart on the south side of the complex to Coldfoot on the north side. The acreage total includes all fires in the Dalton Highway Complex. The largest or most active fires in the complex are:

  • Douglas Fire (#336): 23,124 acres, 36% contained, located on both sides of the Dalton Highway between MP 141 and MP 149
  • Fort Hamlin Hills Fire (#562): 615 acres, 69% contained, located on the Dalton Highway between MP 70 and MP 73
  • Gold Pan Fire (#565): 38 acres, 50% contained, located south of Rampart
  • Huron Fire (#372): 18,822 acres, 0% contained, located between Rampart and the Dalton Highway
  • Idaho Bar Fire (#555): 112 acres, 100% contained, located 4.5 miles southeast of Rampart
  • MM 125 Fire (#441): 2,986 acres, 30% contained, located between MP 121 and MP 125 on the Dalton Highway
  • Troublesome Fire (#359): 13,282 acres, 0% contained, located 11.5 miles east of Rampart

Fire Weather: A strong cold front shifts east Monday evening bringing chances of wetting rain to the Upper Koyukuk Valley. The area east of Fairbanks will have more scattered shower activity due to the downslope flow.

Closures: Arctic Circle Campground is closed due to firefighting activity. The Arctic Circle Wayside (sign location) is open.

Public Safety: When driving on the Dalton Highway, use caution, have patience with the firefighting effort, and always drive with headlights on. The road is narrow; pulling over to stop on the shoulder is discouraged.

Contact Information:, 907-921-2547 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily)

For information on all the fires in Alaska, visit Alaska Wildland Fire Information.

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