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Halfway Hill Fire

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Fishlake National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
115 East 900 North
Richfield, UT 84701

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Halfway Hill Fire Info
Phone: 435-414-9418

Halfway Hill Fire Update 07.30.22

Halfway Hill Fire Wildfire
News – 7/30/2022

 A monsoonal weather pattern has been over southern Utah for the past week.  The fire has seen minimal rain fall on the lower elevations and some measurable precipitation at the upper elevations.  The precipitation along with successful work from the firefighters has decreased the complexity of the fire.  Central Utah Team-Madsen will pass command to a smaller organization, a local Type 4 Incident command, on Monday morning.  This smaller group will continue to monitor all sections of the fire, and complete rehabilitation of a small section of dozer line.  Two remote cameras have been placed in strategic locations to monitor the areas with the greatest potential for increased fire behavior in the steep and rugged canyons not easily or safely accessed by firefighters. 

 Today, firefighters are monitoring the indirect line and falling hazard trees along the Sand Rock Ridge roadway, providing for public safety upon re-entry to the area.  The last few days the firefighters have fallen hazard trees in the area surrounding Copley’s and Pistol Rock campgrounds and have completed most of the rehabilitation work.  Minimal smoke will continue to be visible during the warmer hours of the day, while interior pockets continue to burn. Many of the firefighting resources will be released over the next two days leaving a couple of module teams for monitoring and taking suppression actions if needed.

 This will be the last fire update for the Halfway Hill fire unless an increase of fire behavior or a change in conditions occurs.  For any further information or updates contact the local Fillmore Ranger District office at 435-743-5721.
Fire Restrictions: Please note that fire restrictions have been imposed on multiple jurisdictions – including state, local, and federal lands – in many areas throughout Utah. Find statewide fire restriction information at
Road Closures: Edits to the Halfway Hill Fire closure order were made on 7/26/22. A closure order for the fire area remains in place but will be continuously reevaluated by the jurisdictional agencies involved with the fire. The closure order, including a full description of the trails, roads, and areas closed, along with maps are available at