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Carbon County Flood

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Carbon County Flood
Phone: 406-426-2425
Hours: M-F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

Carbon County Flooding Update June 22, 2022

Carbon County Flood Flood
News – 6 days ago

Flood Information Line: 406-426-2425
Facebook: @CarbonAlert
Carbon County Flood Interactive Map:
Start date: June 12, 2022
Location: Carbon County
Cause: Snow melt and precipitation

Unsafe conditions remain in the flooded area, please stay away from closed areas. Heavy equipment will be working in the area and many areas remain unsafe due to undercut sidewalks, roads and bridges

FEMA Individual Assistance Update: Carbon County residents are not currently eligible for individual assistance from FEMA but the process for this declaration is well underway and we expect information on this soon. We do not currently have a date for when FEMA will be in the area to assist property owners if assistance becomes available. The Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) process, an initial step in this application, is almost complete in the county. This is an assessment from the outside of homes and provides a rough estimate of damage for the individual assistance process.  

Financial Assistance: The Red Lodge Area Community Foundation is currently accepting applications for up to $50 for emergency funding to people directly impacted by the recent floods, who live in the flood zone in Carbon County. You can apply at Please contact them for more information. 406-446-2820

Volunteer Tracking: It is critical that volunteer hours, donations and equipment use (pumps, hoses, skid steers, even brooms, etc.) should be recorded separately. It is also critical that the work done is being detailed.  Forms and examples of how they can be filled out can be found at, and, and at the volunteer tent. You can also call the volunteer hotline at 406-445-7258. This information will help Carbon County quantify volunteer efforts which is necessary to offset costs for the FEMA Government assistance process. 

Custer Gallatin NF Closure: Parts of the Beartooth, Yellowstone and Gardiner Ranger Districts will begin to open after the emergency public safety closure over the next few days while some areas will remain under an emergency closure due to significantly impacted infrastructure. Please check with the Forest Service Ranger Districts in your area to get the most up to date information on current closures.  Latest conditions and questions for the Beartooth Ranger Districts can be directed to 406-446-2103 

Shelters: The American Red Cross evacuation shelter at the Red Lodge Fairgrounds will be closing operations for food, donations and lodging at the end of the business day on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. Fromberg High School feeding and donation station will remain open staffed with local volunteers at least through the week. The Red Cross Recovery Team will remain in the area to work on case management and assessments. If you need assistance, please call the Red Cross at 1-800-272-6668.

Boil Water Order: All drinking water from the tap in Fromberg should be boiled before use. The Water Boil Order was rescinded in Red Lodge on Monday, June 21, 2022.

Red Lodge Community Update: Volunteer efforts are still being coordinated from the tent at 15th Street and Platt. Crews continue to do some basement muck outs and area cleanups and are focusing on mold control.   

The potable water truck is stationed at the Civic Center Parking Lot was released.  Port-a-potties are also being released and repositioned.  Please refer to interactive map (URL on page 1 of this update). 

Creek stabilization and re-channeling efforts have been very effective at 9th and Cooper. 

Crews continue to wrap up filling in gullies on city streets. 

Efforts will continue today to move sandbags from in-town Red Lodge to the Fairgrounds. 

Temporary bridges will be placed at the Meeteetse Trail Rd and the north end of East Side Rd. It will be approximately the middle to end of July before the work is complete. Additional temporary bridges are on order and will be deployed to areas in need upon arrival.  Work is being done in preparation for installation.  

19th St. bridge is open to local traffic only. 

Highway 308 to Bearcreek/Belfry is open to the public.  

Highway 212 south of Red Lodge is open to the public to the Forest Service boundary approximately 7 miles south of Red Lodge.

Detour information through Red Lodge can be found on the Interactive map (URL on page 1 of this update). 

Repairs continue to repair the road and water line and establish temporary water to the Park Ave area 

Repairs continue to the water and sewer lines and establishing temporary water to the Kainu Ave.

Two large dumpsters are located at Red Lodge Recycling. Additional dumpsters have been ordered. Items damaged by the flood should be broken down to the smallest size possible and brought to the dumpsters. 

Organic matter (i.e. tree branches) may be brought to the Red Lodge Fire Rescue Training Center, open 12-7 pm, located at 228 Highway 78.

AY Supply has new dumpsters available to receive appliances. 

Republic Services is bringing in an additional driver to help with emptying dumpsters more frequently.  Information boards are located in key areas throughout town including the Post Office, Beartooth IGA and Chamber of Commerce for non-digital information. See locations on interactive map (URL on page 1 of this update).

Fromberg Community Update: Clean up continues in town and there is a focus on getting debris removed from the park. Flood damaged items and debris may continue to be brought to the city park, to be disposed of later. 

Volunteer groups are coming in to help in Fromberg Wednesday and efforts will be consolidated. 

City water is established, with a single well running at this time; there is still a boil order for the town of Fromberg. The city is investigating ways to shore up the river bank in the area around the city wells

An information board is being maintained at the Fromberg Post Office to provide non-digital information.

Food and water are available at the Fromberg High School. 

Bridger Community Update: Head gates and ditches continue to be monitored and access is a priority. All roads should be open. 

Belfry Community Update: Crews continue to work fixing Lover’s Lane.

Roscoe Community Update: Crews are still working on Highway 78 bridge at Roscoe and are hoping to re-open it by the end of the week. 

Luther Community Update: The Hwy 78 bridge over Red Lodge creek near Luther has been repaired and Hwy 78 is open to Roscoe. Hwy 78 may have increased heavy equipment traffic so please be aware and avoid travel on this route if not necessary.

Local River Gauge Charts

For the latest information go to the National Weather Service Hydrograph page:

Please note, the Rock Creek Hydrograph near Red Lodge was replaced by USGS on June 17. The height may not be correct after recent changes in the creek channel but it can be used for trends.

Additional Information: 

  • The county is working with the Red Cross, State DES, City Flood plain and others to coordinate property damage assessments.
  • There is an account set up at the Billings Regional Landfill for flooded Carbon County residents to use. The Carbon County Relief Fund will cover the charges, but you must get a charge code from the Red Lodge Volunteer tent on 15th & Platt, the volunteer tent in Fromberg, or by calling the Carbon County Disaster Relief line at 406-445-7258.

  • County residents planning to do emergency repair work in the Floodplain must notify the Conservation District of work within 15 days. Further information will be provided as it becomes available.

    • Carbon County Conservation District: 406-962-3641 Ext 115 or via cell 406-930-5441

    • Carbon County website to access Emergency Notification Form: 

    • Farm Service Agency in Joliet: 406-962-3300 

    • Natural Resource Conservation Service: 406-962-3641 

  • Helicopters may be working in the area. Due to air traffic, do not fly drones in the area.  

  • RiverStone Health of Billings MT will offer free tetanus and hepatitis A vaccines to people affected by recent floods in Carbon County. Vaccines will be available from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, June 23, near the volunteer tent in Fromberg City Park and from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Thursday, June 23, at the Carbon County Fairgrounds in Red Lodge. RiverStone Health will bill your insurance for these vaccines. If you do not have health insurance, you will receive the vaccines at no charge. 

  • Sandbags are being removed from public right of ways, if you have sandbags on private property, they can be placed near the road for removal or opened up in alleys needing sand fill. Please don’t block egress. 

  • If you are visiting the Red Lodge, Luther, Roscoe and Fromberg areas, be aware of construction operations and safety hazards.

Resources Assigned: 

Western Montana Type III Incident Management Team, Carbon County DES, Carbon County Sheriff’s Office, Red Lodge Police Department, Red Lodge Fire Rescue, Montana Highway Patrol, Fromberg Volunteer Fire Department, Bridger EMS, Bridger Volunteer Fire, American Red Cross, City of Red Lodge, Public Works, USDA Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, FEMA, Beartooth Billings Clinic, Carbon County Public Health Department, Montana Department of Transportation, Montana FWP Game Wardens, Salvation Army, Army Corps of Engineers, and Montana National Guard, Montana State DES, Team Rubicon, Samaritans First.


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