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Haywire Fire

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Coconino National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
1824 S. Thompson St.
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

USFS Shield

June 20, 2022 Pipeline/Haywire Fire Daily Update

Haywire Fire Wildfire
News – 6/20/2022

Fire behaviorA Red Flag warning is in effect until this evening due to increased temperatures, lower relative humidity, gusty winds and drier conditions. Fire activity is expected for today and heat and smoke are still occurring within the interior of the fire perimeter. While Saturday's precipitation did increase fuel moisture, today's temperature increases will start drying out fuels once again. Due to these conditions, fire activity is anticipated to slightly increase over the next few days. 

Pipeline Fire
50% Contained
26,528 acres
6 miles north of Flagstaff, AZ
Burning in grass, brush, and pine

 Recent precipitation and fire suppression actions including improving and strengthening uncontained fireline, detecting and extinguishing hotspots and diligent monitoring have helped firefighters gain further containment on the northern edge of the fire.  Due to the recent advance in containment, efforts will be transitioning to suppression repair activities, and firefighters are removing unneeded equipment from the containment lines. While containment continues to increase, fire managers are confident in the status of containment and will start to release firefighter and aviation assets today to “right size” assigned resources. On the western perimeter of the fire’s edge near Fremont Peak to Lockett Meadow Spring, firefighting efforts have been difficult due to steep terrain. Firefighters are using natural barriers where possible, to keep the fire from moving west toward the Snowbowl Basin Road area and monitoring activity to respond as necessary. Moving from the powerline corridor southwest, some fire activity was observed yesterday, and firefighters will continue to monitor as it slowly creeps toward the Tunnel Fire burn scar. Crews that had previously been scheduled to perform drainage repair for the Tunnel Fire prior to the start of the Pipeline and Haywire fires are now able to resume scheduled work that is necessary to mitigate erosion and flooding impacts during monsoon rains. 

 Haywire Fire·        40% contained
5,575 acres
7.5 miles northeast of Doney Park, AZ
Burning in grass, brush, and pine

 Today, crews will continue to hold, monitor and patrol containment line looking for hotspots to extinguish on the northern edge of the fire. Crews will also continue to patrol the Highway 89 corridor for hotspots and will take action as necessary. Crews will continue working toward gaining further containment, and securing the fire’s edge by improving existing fireline, monitoring for hotspots, and addressing any areas of concern on the east, south and western perimeters. 

 Total fire resources assigned
About 953 personnel, including: 11 Hotshot crews, 12 hand crews, 57 engines, four water tenders, 10 dozers and five helicopters

 Evacuations, road and trail closures, and restrictions Highway 89 is now open. An area closure is in place on the Coconino National Forest for the Pipeline Fire.  For full descriptions of road closures and fire restrictions, visit Evacuations also are still in effect around the fire area. Evacuation information can be found at  

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