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Tharps-Hazelwood Prescribed Burn

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Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks
National Park Service
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Three Rivers, CA 93271

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SEKI Fire Information Office
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Trail and Area Closures for Tharps-Hazelwood Prescribed Burn

Tharps-Hazelwood Prescribed Burn Prescribed Fire
Closures – 6/8/2022

Regulation Change:
Closure Order – Portion of a Park Area: Under the authority provided to the Superintendent in 36 CFR 1.5, the following park areas administered by the National Park Service within Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks are closed, effective at 6:00 PM June 8 2022 and will remain in place until further notice.

The following areas, roads and trails are closed to public access, as shown on the attached map:

Interior portion of the Hazelwood Prescribed Fire Area to include:
• Dead Giant Trail
• Washington Tree Trail
• Huckleberry Trail
• Alta Trail: From west at junction of Alta and Hazelwood Trail and from East at Junction of Alta and Washington Tree Trail
• Hazelwood Cutoff Trail: from junction of Alta Trail
• Rimrock Trail: From Hazelwood junction to Pinewood Service Road Interior portion of the Tharp’s Log Prescribed Fire Area to include:
• Alta Trail; from junction of Congress Trail to Junction of Wolverton cutoff trail
• Wolverton Cutoff Trail from Junction of Alta Trail east to Crescent creek
• Washington Tree Trail
• Trail of the Sequoias from Chief Sequoyah Tree East to Crescent Creek
• Circle Meadow Loop; east side of circle meadow loop from junction of Congress trail south to Washington Tree – circle Meadow Cutoff trail
• Portions of Crescent Meadow Loop, Crescent Meadow Tharp’s Log Trail, and Log Meadow Loop

Authority: 36 CFR 1.5(a)(1)(2)

This administrative order applies to all individuals subject to the regulatory authority of the National Park Service (NPS) within the boundaries of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, except: • Employees of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks • Personnel with research interests within the prescribed fire units and with approval from the prescribed fire burn boss • Other individuals authorized by the Chief Ranger or their designee.

Finding: The parks have been performing prescribed burns in the Giant Forest area since 1979. By working with the area’s historical fire return interval, the parks are ensuring a diverse mosaic of fire history, which is a natural part of the ecosystem, and makes the area less vulnerable to catastrophic wildfire. Prescribed burns also promote the regeneration of giant sequoias by creating openings in the canopy, clearing the forest floor, and opening the cones, allowing seeds to disperse. The network of trails in the Giant Forest is very complex. Trails closed during the prescribed burn and the post-burn period will be clearly marked. Trails will be reopened only after the areas have been cleared of hazards and are deemed safe for public to enter.

This order is effective at 6:00 PM June 8, 2022, and will remain in effect until further notice. The effectiveness of this order will be assessed on an ongoing basis, and the order will be modified or rescinded when conditions warrant.

This Determination of Change is consistent with Categorical Exclusion A.8: Modifications or revisions to existing regulations or the promulgation of new regulations for NPS-administered areas, provided the modifications, revisions, or new regulations do not: a. increase public use to the extent of compromising the nature and character of the area or causing physical damage to it, b. introduce noncompatible uses that might compromise the nature and characteristics of the area or cause physical damage to it, c. conflict with adjacent ownerships or land uses, or d. cause a nuisance to adjacent owners or occupants.  

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