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Hermits Peak Fire

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Santa Fe National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
New Mexico
Santa Fe, NM 87508

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Hermits Peak Fire Information
Phone: 505-356-2636
Hours: Daily 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

San Miguel and Mora County News Release 1210 p.m. April 30

Hermits Peak Fire Wildfire
News – 4/30/2022

San Miguel /Mora County News Release

Calf Canyon Current Fire Evacuations

April 30, 2022 at 9:00 AM

     Media Contacts:       Joy Ansley    505-239-3973,

            Jesus Romero    505-617-8023,

Las Vegas, NM 9:00 AM

Rapid fire growth caused many changes to evacuation levels yesterday. Please read carefully, as many areas have changed in status. Do not wait for in-person notification to evacuate. If your neighborhood is listed below, we encourage you to take action immediately.

Community Evacuation Status in San Miguel and Mora Counties:

GO (mandatory full evacuation, colored green): In San Miguel County, Big Pine, Canovas Canyon, Porvenir Canyon, El Porvenir, Lower Canyon Road, Gallinas and Trout Springs are still in Go status and residents are being urged to leave these areas now. Also in Go are the area on the map identified as Hot Springs, Storrie Lake, Las Dispensas, San Ignacio, Lone Pine Mesa, Chavez, Canoncito, Pendaries Village, Pendaries Valley East, Rociada, Upper Rociada and Tierra Monte Canon, La Canada, Las Tusas, the area of 527-525 on Highway 518, East and West Sapello, Emplazado and Manuelitas. Mineral Hill, San Pablo and San Geronimo are also in GO status as of 12:00 AM this morning.

In Mora County, Penasco Blanco, South Carmen, Ledoux, Upper Morphy, Santiago Creek, Abuelo and Puertocito are all still in Go status.

SET (prepare for evacuation, colored yellow): No areas are currently in Set status in San Miguel County.

In Mora County, South Mora is currently in SET status.

READY (get ready for possible evacuation, colored red):No areas are currently in READY status in San Miguel County.

In Mora County, North Mora, Buena Vista and Rito Cebolla are currently in Ready status.

The evacuation map is attached.

 This emerging situation remains extremely serious and refusal to evacuate could be a fatal decision. 

Road Closures:

In San Miguel County, State Road 65 at the post office, and CR A27 are closed.  Eighth Street Extension at CR A14A (Pork Chop Hill Road) is closed. CR A11A, from Eighth Street Extension to Hwy 65 is closed. State Roads 105, 94, 266 and 276 remain closed. Hwy 518 from Hwy 161 to Storrie Lake is closed. CR A17 in Mineral Hill is closed.

Road closures in Mora County include C001, State Road 94 at LeDoux Hill. County Road A011 is closed south from the roadblock approximately 1.5 miles from 518.

Please remember that drones are still prohibited in the temporary flight restriction zone, outlined on the map. If drones enter the flight zone, firefighting aircraft are grounded.

Power Outages: Power has been shut down in some evacuated areas. Lines will be re-energized when conditions are safe for fire personnel and law enforcement.

LIVESTOCK OWNERS: If you have livestock within the evacuation zone, contact NM State Police Dispatch at 505-425-6771 to coordinate a safe escort to your property to feed your animals. Do not enter the evacuation area un-escorted.

Property Losses: To complete the Calf Canyon and Hermits Peak Property Damage Survey, fill out the online form: For help with the survey please call 505-425-9333. You can also find information on the San Miguel County Website

County Fire Restrictions: All open burning (burning of crop land, fields, range land, debris, burning slash piles, prescribed burning or weed burning) in San Miguel County, shall be banned throughout the unincorporated areas of the County, and the provisions of SMC Ordinance 03-9-99ORD are in effect.  This ban shall prohibit any person from having, causing, starting, igniting and/or using open flame outside of a building, structure, automobile or other enclosed area anywhere, throughout the unincorporated portions of San Miguel County.

Shelter sites:

San Miguel County: Old Memorial Middle School gym, Legion St. Las Vegas, 505-429-0336

Mora County: Penasco High School gym, 13 Old School Road- Melissa Sandoval- 575-779-3057  

Red River Convention Center, 101 E. River St., Red River- 575-754-1708

                      Taos County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Grounds, 230 Camino de la Merced, Taos

               (For livestock, call Ruben Baca 575-770-1490).

Shelter site for horses and livestock: The Zamora arena continues to be utilized to temporarily house evacuated horses and livestock.  The contact for livestock and horses is Matthew Romero, Livestock Inspector, 575-643-6805.

In Mora, the Taos County Sheriff’s Posse Rodeo Grounds is being utilized for livestock.  Call Livestock Inspector Ruben Baca at 575-770-1490.

Link to Ready, Set Go, Wildland Fire Action Guide:

Updates will be posted on San Miguel County OEM, Sheriff and Fire Facebook pages.

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