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Eastland Complex

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Texas A&M Forest Service
College Station, TX 77845

Eastland Complex Update: March 18, 9:30 am

Eastland Complex Wildfire
News – 3/18/2022

Eastland Complex Update
March 18, 2022 
9:30 am 
Size: 38,000
Containment: 2%

Texas A&M Forest Service (TAMFS) and Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) responders remain focused on life safety operations, including evacuation assistance and structure protection. A wind advisory is in effect through Friday at 4:00, increasing the difficulty of containment operations. The northerly cold front entered the area around 9:00 pm, creating a new head fire on the previous right flank. There is no precipitation forecasted, though relative humidity should peak around 65% Friday morning. 

For aviation on the Eastland Complex today, Texas A&M Forest Service will have:
1 air attack platform,
3 fire boss single engine air tankers,
3 large air tankers,
1 type 1 helicopter,
1 type 3 helicopter, and
1 National Guard Chinook

Kidd Fire: 
Estimated size: 33,000 acres
Containment: 1%
Date Started: March 17, 2022 
Cause: Unknown 
Structures in Carbon and  were heavily impacted when the Kidd Fire, one of the four in the complex, passed through on the afternoon of March 17th.  Evacuations and road closures in Carbon, Lake Leon and Gorman, and outlying rural areas are ongoing. After the cold front passed through yesterday evening, the fire began moving in a southernly direction, causing the evacuation of the City of Gorman. Multiple highway closures have been enacted due to extreme fire behavior. See for the latest in closure information. 

Aviation was unable to fly yesterday due to hazardous, windy conditions, but are expected to work on the Kidd Fire as possible today. This includes an air attack platform, which provides situational awareness and supervision to aerial resources, and multiple single engine air tankers (SEATS) and helicopters. 

Wheat Field:
Estimated size: 5,000 acres
Containment: 2% 
Date Started: March 17, 2022 
Cause: Unknown 
Responders focused night operation efforts on structure protection and containment line creation where possible. A new head fire started moving in the direction of Rising Star after the cold front moved through the area, but crews were able to stop it's forward progression. Two TIFMAS strike teams stayed onsite at the Wheat Field Fire through the night, while other crews came off the line passed midnight in order to respond this morning.
Oak Mott:
Estimated size: 4,500 acres
Containment: 10% 
Date Started: March 17, 2022 
Cause: Unknown
Fire behavior on the Oak Mott Fire south west of Rising Star moderated around midnight. Multiple reports of structures saved through efforts of responders. 
Estimated size: 383 acreage
Containment: 95%
Date Started: March 16, 2022 
Cause: Unknown 

Containment lines held up well overnight on the Walling Fire. Fire behavior increased yesterday afternoon, with reports of single tree torching. The fire was staffed with two fire engines.