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Caldor Fire

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Eldorado National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
100 Forni RD Placerville California 95667
Placerville, CA 95667

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Caldor Fire Information
Phone: 530-303-2455
Hours: 8am - 6pm

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Phone: 530-303-2455
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Caldor Fire Daily Update for October 11, 2021

Caldor Fire Wildfire
News – 5 days ago


Today a Red Flag Warning has been issued for the Caldor Fire area through Tuesday evening. Weather forecasters often use this title, and it’s good to be reminded of what it specifically refers to in the wildland fire weather world. It is defined as a condition when warm temperatures (warmer than normal) combine with very low humidities and strong winds. This combination of conditions greatly increases the chances of a fire both igniting - as well as being carried in available fuels. When this warning is issued, firefighters are be alerted to take precautions. It’s easy to be misled by the cooler temperatures, however cooler temperatures alone do not translate to increased moisture and reduced fire behavior.

With respect to the Caldor Fire, it continues to have extremely dry fuels and pockets of heat throughout the area. The area has continued to dry out the past few days. Dry dead needles (needle cast) coat the ground in many areas, heavy fuels, some standing and some on the ground, continue to be consumed by fire. In short, all of the components for a wildland fire continue to exist. Expect to see occasional flare-ups and smoke posing little or no risk to the fire line.

On the fire, firefighters are dressing warmly. Fire engines are constantly being winterized as well as being prepared to suppress a fire. BLACK ICE remains a constant and hidden threat for everyone. One of the most feared and unpredictable dangers for firefighters is the risk of falling trees and limbs. This is increased when the trees have been burned, when they have absorbed moisture and the winds pick up, essentially just as conditions currently present themselves.

Rehabilitation and suppression repair continues to push ahead. It may not seem to be the most exciting job on a wildland fire and much of it takes place behind the scenes, however the work is extremely vital and the success of what is being done now, as well in the coming months and years, will be appreciated by everyone who uses and relies upon the forest. A great deal of fire line was created to protect resources in the path of the fire and now the work to rehabilitate these miles of line moves ahead. Much of the burned area contributes directly to the Sacramento Valley Watershed which includes a large population and agricultural community. The resilience and health of the forest and its recovery will depend largely on these rehabilitation efforts.

The Caldor Fire is 98% contained. There are 1063 personnel on the fire and reports of success in all areas continue to be reported. Calls from the public related to smoke and flames continue and are appreciated. We respond to these 911 calls. Conditions remain extremely dry throughout the fire footprint and it will be quite a while before most of interior hot spots are eliminated.


For updates related to PG&E work in the fire area, please visit: PG&E_WildFireRecovery



o   All roads, trails and facilities within the fire closure area remain closed.      

For more info: Forest Order 03-21-18and Eldorado NF Closure Information

o   ALL firesare prohibited on the forest, including gas and propane. For more info: Forest Order 03-21-16. Overnight camping is temporarily prohibited in the forest. For more info: Forest Order 03-21-17.


o   Caldor Fire Emergency Closure (19-21-06) for portions of the LTBMU remains in effect through December 31, 2021. For more info: LTBMU Fire Closure Order 19-21-06

o   Backcountry closure (Forest Order 19-21-07) for the following areas: Desolation Wilderness, Meiss Backcountry, Barker Pass Road and McKinney/Rubicon Trail remains in effect until October 20, 2021. 
For more info: LTBMU Backcountry Closure Order 19-21-07