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Harris Mountain

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8.11.2021_Harris Mountain Fire Daily Update

Harris Mountain Wildfire
News – 8/11/2021

The Harris Mountain Fire is currently 31,591 acres and 51% contained. Additional crews and favorable weather the past few days aided in progress towards containment on the southern portion of the fire as well as the portion southeast of Cox Creek. Fire activity is expected to remain low today with continued smoldering in concentrations of heavy fuels and occasional interior smokes as fuels begin to dry out.

Current and Planned Activity

Firefighters will continue to work along the fire’s edge in the south and southwest portions of the fire where accessible by foot. Efforts to bring sprinklers, hoses and pumps out of the fire area and back to the Incident Command Post are ongoing. On the north end, suppression repair efforts have begun on fireline that is no longer needed. These efforts include pulling back the berms created by dozers and handline in order to minimize long term impacts on the ground.

Weather: Partly cloudy and breezy with temperatures in the mid 80s with northwest winds 13-18 mph and gusts up 28 mph in the afternoon.

Final Community Meeting - Friday, August 13th at 10:00 AM, Wedsworth Hall, 13 Front Street South, Cascade, MT


As of August 9th, the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office rescinded all evacuation orders and pre-evacuation notices related to the Harris Mountain Fire in Cascade County.


Aerial view of the southeast portion of the Harris Mountain Fire.

Photo: B.Giersdorf, Fire Behavior Analyst, Northern Rockies Team 7

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