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Dixie Fire (CA)

Unit Information

Lassen National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
2550 Riverside Ave
Susanville, CA 96130

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

Dixie Incident Public Information West Zone
Phone: 530-592-0838
Hours: 8 am - 8 pm

Dixie Incident Public Information East Zone
Phone: 949-573-5702
Hours: 8 am - 8 pm


Dixie Fire (CA) Wildfire
Announcements – 7/21/2021

Saturday, July 25, 2021 as of 230 PM


For new mandatory evacuated people, non-medicaI transportation assistance is available by calling 530-283-6414.
See map at:
MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDERS have been issued for the following areas:

North of Chandler Rd - This includes the north side of Chandler Rd. from Oakland Cantp Road to Hwy 70 east. This includes American Way, Mt. Hough Rd,  Pine Oak Lane, Amity Lane, and Hillside Dr.

Round Valley Reservoir, Dixie Canyon, Indian Falls - Long Valley (west of Round Valley), Dixie Canyon south to Indian Falls, south of Indian Falls to the Hwy 70/89 Junction.
Butterfly Valley, Keddie to Hwy 70 at Black Hawk Rd, Snake Lake - This includes Spanish Creek Campground, Rowid House Rd, Old Highway (WEST).
Greenville and Crescent Mills
Everything west Hwy 89/36 Junction, west along the southside of Hwy 36 to the County line.

East side of Keddie, Round House Road and Old Hwy (WEST).
Taylorsville - All of Arlington Road
Hwy 70 at Black Hawk Rd, south to Barlow Rd and everything west to Snake Lake
West Shore of Lake Almanor - From the Canyon Dam northwest to Hwy 36 at Hwy 89. This includes the community Prattville, Big Meadows, and Lake Almanor West along with the Rocky Point Campground and the Canyon Dam Boat Launch.

High Lakes (PLUMAS COUNTY) - Recreational area of Plumas County east of the Butte/Plumas County line.

Plumas/Butte County line east to Twain - Includes both sides of Hwy 70 in the areas of Rock Creek, Storrie, Tobin, Belden, Caribou Rich Bar, and Twain.

Meadow Valley and Bucks Lake - Bucks Lake Rd at Riverdance and everything west to the Butte/Plumas County line. This includes Snake Lake, Meadow Valley, Tollgate, Bucks Lake, Bucks Lake Highlands, and all surrounding areas.

Caribou Rd north to the Humbug Rd and Humboldt Rd intersection - This includes Belden Reservoir and Butt Valley Reservoir.

Prattville Butt Reservoir Road and everything west to the Butte/Plumas county line - Humbug Road from the intersection of the Humbug-Humboldt Road west to the Butte County line and everything south of the Humbug Road is under a Mandatory Evacuation Order.

The community of Seneca south to Hwy70.


EVACUATION WARNINGS ARE IN EFFECT for the following areas:

Chester, Lake Almanor Peninsula, and East Shore of Hwy 147 - Including greater Chester area, Hainilton Branch, Lake Almanor Peninsula, and East shore.  Everything west of Hwy 89 between Canyon Dam and Hwy 36, west to the County Line.
West Quincy - From the top of cemetery hill including Quincy Jct. Rd to Chandler Rd.
Genesee Valley - Southeast of Taylorsville up the Antelope Lake Rd and everything south to Brady's Camp
North and Eastern parts of Indian Valley - Includes Pecks Valley Road east to North Arm and Diamond Mountain Rd.
East Quincy - Hwy 70 near Massack and everything west toward Meadow Valley. This includes the southside of Chandler Rd from Oakland Camp Road to Hwy 70 east, and Quincy-La Porte Rd from Hwy 70 to Thompson Creek.


·For current State rligh"vay/Route information including Hwy 70, Hwy 89, and Hwy 147 visit



A shelter is being opened at the Springs of Hope Church in Quincy at 59 Bell Lane. 

An Evacuation Shelter is being opened at Memorial Hall at 180 Gay St, Chester, CA.

Ridgeway Park at 19725 Ridge Rd, Red Bluff

Lassen Community College 478-200 CA-139, Susanville, CA 96130 

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