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Crater Ridge

Unit Information

Bighorn National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
2013 Eastside 2nd St
Sheridan, WY 82801

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Crater Ridge Fire - Daily Fact Sheet, August 4, 2021

Crater Ridge Wildfire
News – 8/4/2021

Acres: 758 
Containment: 0%
Personnel: 117 

Current Situation

  • The fire area received a 10th of an inch of rain yesterday, giving firefighters the opportunity to go direct on sections of the fire’s perimeter, primarily in the Cub Creek drainage.
  • There is still a closure order in effect for Bighorn National Forest land around the fire area. The closure area was chosen to protect the public as timber fuels remain dry in the area. The Forest will continue to evaluate heat remaining on the fire and moisture received to determine where and when the closure area may be modified.
  • The Crater Ridge Fire remains a full suppression fire. Strategically established indirect containment lines have been created and are being improved in anticipation of increased fire activity.

Operational plan for today

  • Firefighters are taking advantage of the recent moisture to go direct on sections of the fire’s perimeter. These actions include cold-trailing and mop-up. The use of helicopters for water bucket drops will aid in firefighting efforts.
  • Cold-trailing involves firefighters inspecting the fire’s edge for hot spots. When hot spots are detected firefighters will mop-up the area by using hand tools to extinguish the residual fire, breaking apart smoldering debris and mixing it with mineral soil to ensure it is completely out.
  • Firefighters continue to construct and improve indirect fire lines, utilizing natural barriers, and the use of heavy equipment is aiding them in their efforts.

Fire Conditions and Weather 

  • Today will be mostly sunny with haze in the area. Isolated showers and thunderstorms will arrive in the afternoon and this evening.
  • Smoke is still visible across Wyoming and will impact air quality, coming from multiple fires in states further to the west as well as to the north in Canada. View a smoke map at

County Fire Restrictions

National Forest Closures and Fire Restrictions

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