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West Zone Superior Fires

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West Zone Wildfires Fact Sheet July 10, 2021

West Zone Superior Fires Wildfire
News – 7/10/2021

Date: Saturday, July 10, 2021 1:00 p.m.

Fire Information: 218-214-7844 or online at Inciweb: or the Superior National Forest website:                                           Incident Names: Astray, Picketts, and Hassel Fires Locations: Northeastern Minnesota, Lake County & St. Louis County ·        Astray Fire – Township 63 North, Range 10 West, Section 34 ·        Picketts Fire– Township 63 North, Range 12 West, Section 12 ·        Hassel Lake – Township 63 North, Range 14 West, Section 16 Description: On July 7, 2021, the Astray wildfire was reported on the west zone of the Superior National Forest. On July 8th, two additional fires (Picketts and Hassel) were also detected. Northeastern Minnesota is experiencing drought conditions with sporadic thunderstorms and lightning. ·        The Astray Fire is approximately one acre in size and located inside the BWCAW, west of Clearwater Lake and east of Clear Lake. The fire is within mixed timber and blowdown. It is located 11 miles east of Ely and is presumed started by lightning. ·        The Picketts Lake Fire is approximately one-tenth acre in size and is located south of Picketts Lake approximately four miles northeast of Ely. It is presumed to be started by lightning and is burning in balsam and blowdown. The fire is approximately four miles northeast of Ely. ·        The Hassel Fire was originally reported on June 4, 2021 southwest of Hassel Lake in the BWCAW. It was placed in patrol and monitor status, but it was reported to have experienced additional minor fire activity on July 8. The entire fire is currently 21 acres; however, only one-half acre is new fire activity. It is located west of Crab Lake and Burntside Lake, approximately 10 miles northeast of Tower, and 14 miles northwest of Ely, MN.Status and Resources: Astray Fire: Resources made good progress with the cooler temperatures and low winds. Crews will be paddling out tomorrow and the Forest will continue to monitor the fire with aerial resources. Picketts Fire: Firefighters have actively suppressed the fire and are mop up. Crews remain on scene.

Hassel Fire: Three firefighters and two BIA crews are currently mopping up the fire.

Planned Actions:A Type 3 MN Incident Command Team arrived yesterday and has assumed command over the Delta Lake Fire. With that, the Forest is managing command over the remaining three fires listed in this facts sheet. While these fires are currently successfully being suppressed and mopped up, the Forest has ordered additional resources for initial attack due to the continued dry fuel conditions and forecasted dry weather. However, obtaining additional fire resources is proving challenging due to national and local resource shortage. Forest visitors should continue to be aware of the dry conditions and expect to see aircraft being used for fire response and detection.Closures/Campfire Prohibited: Currently, campfires are only allowed in developed fee campgrounds. Additionally. the following BWCAW entry points are closed:·        #56-Kekekabic Trail East·        #74-Kekekabic Trail West/Snowbank are closedAdditionally, the following lakes, campsites, and portages in the BWCAW are closed: ·       Parent   ·        Disappointment·        Jitterbug·        Ahsub·        Becoosin·        Benezie·        Adventure·        Rifle·        Bridge·        Fire·        Drag Primitive Management Area  

Superior National Forest fire restriction closure area. Campfires are only allowed in approved fire structures at dispersed recreation fee campgrounds. Please use a gas camp stove.

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Superior National Forest 

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