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West Zone Superior Fires

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Superior National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
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Duluth, MN 55808

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Delta & Astray Fires Fact Sheet for July 7, 2021

West Zone Superior Fires Wildfire
News – 7/8/2021

Incident Names and Sizes: Delta Fire (approximately 5-7 acres) and Astray Fire (approximately one-half acre)

Fire Locations: Delta Fire is in northeastern Minnesota, Lake County, Township 63 North, Range 9 West, Section 13. The Astray Fire is in northeastern Minnesota, Lake County, Township 63 North, Range 10 West, Section 34

Delta Fire Description:
At about 4:00 p.m. on July 7th, a wildfire was detected approximately one mile southeast of Snowbank Lake on the Kawishiwi Ranger District of the Superior National Forest. The fire is outside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW). It is currently 5-7 acres and is located in mixed timber with blowdown. The fire is located 19 miles east of Ely and is believed to be caused by a lightning strike.

Astray Fire Description: The Astray Fire was also reported by areal detection and is one and one-half miles east of Clearwater Lake, within the BWCAW. The fire was reported at two-tenths of an acre and has grown to one-quarter to one-half an acre in red and white pine. The fire is located 11 miles east of Ely and is presumably started by lightning.

Current Status for Both: Air resources suppressed both fires, knocking down the intense fire behavior. Crews are engaged and have begun suppression actions on both fires. The fires are smoldering and creeping with some spotting.

Planned Actions: Firefighters will continue to work the fires by installing hose lays and suppressing it. Firefighter and public safety are the most important priorities in all wildfire response.

Figure 1. Aerial photo of the Delta Fire at initial attack

Resources: The Superior National Forest has additional crews and engines available to assist.

Closures: None at this time.