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Vosburg Pike Fire 100% Contained

Vosburg Pike Wildfire
News – 6/17/2021

Bayfield, CO, June 17, 2021 —The Vosburg Pike Fire is now 100% contained. Firefighters completed containment lines around the entire fire perimeter this afternoon. Hot spots inside the fire lines continue to smolder and produce some smoke but there has been no significant additional fire activity today.

“Fire crews, both on the ground and in the air, did a tremendous job getting fire line around most of the fire yesterday” says Incident Commander Brad Pietruszka. “This is a great example of interagency cooperation — we had federal, state and local resources working together on this fire,” Pietruszka added. The fire burned across very rugged terrain and temperatures have been in the 90’s during the height of the day. The fire perimeter was accurately mapped by a firefighter on foot this morning and the total acreage was revised to just over 67 acres. Burn severity varies across the area with some spots only partially burned and other area with high severity. Some of the Bureau of Land Management property had been thinned in 2008, making fire control efforts easier in those spots. Thinned areas work to reduce the intensity of wildfires. Less intense fire allows firefighters a chance to get closer and stop the fire spread earlier in the incident.

Some firefighters are being sent home or to other fires beginning tonight, with more to be released tomorrow. The Type 3 Incident Management Team will return management of the fire to the local BLM unit tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. Crews will continue to patrol the fire area and take any necessary suppression actions, until the threat has passed.

An incident information page has been established at:

Smoke from the Vosburg Pike Fire may continue to be visible to surrounding communities for the next few days.  Wildfire smoke may affect your health. For more information, please go to:  


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