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Dog Fire

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Guadalupe Mountains National Park
National Park Service
Salt Flat, TX 79847

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Fire Information
Phone: 915-828-3251
Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, MDT

Dog Fire Daily Update - May 26, 2021

Dog Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 5/26/2021

 Dog Fire – May 26, 2021 Update

Dog Fire Grew 320 Acres Yesterday Due to Dry Conditions and Wind

Acres:   1,752 acres
Percent Containment: 0%
Start Date: May 11, 2021
Cause: Lightning/Natural
Origin Location: 34 mi Southwest of Whites City, NM
Jurisdiction: Guadalupe Mountains National Park
Fuels: Timber with litter and grass understory
Personnel: 79 personnel 
Fire Information: 
                             915-236-1177 (8am – 5pm, MDT)
Yesterday the Dog Fire grew to 1,752 acres in size (an increase of 320 acres) due to dry conditions and wind. Primary fire growth was in a finger of the fire which grew about ¾ mile to the Northeast.

This is a full suppression fire. Firefighters continue working to limit the fire’s spread and to protect values at risk where they can do so safely and effectively. The objectives are to use natural and man-made barriers to keep the fire within the upper elevations of the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, keeping the fire west of the Frijole Ridge, North of the Bowl/Hunter Trail, East of the Tejas Trail, and South of McKittrick Canyon.

Today, fire behavior will moderate due to higher relative humidity levels and lighter wind speeds. Access to the fire is challenging due to steep and rugged terrain. Firefighters are utilizing existing trail systems to limit the fire’s spread. Crews continue to monitor fire spread and take action as needed where it is safe to do so. Firefighters are protecting the Bowl, Pratt, and Hunter line cabins, and creating defensible space around National Park and neighboring values at risk in the lower elevation of the park.

An Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV or drone aircraft), operated by the Bureau of Land Management, will be used today for reconnaissance of the fire on the west side of McKittrick Canyon. UAVs used for reconnaissance eliminates the inherent risk to firefighters of helicopter operations. Since UAVs are typically smaller and quieter, their use also reduces the impact of helicopter operations to wildlife and other resource values in the wilderness. For safety reasons the authorized use of UAVs on the fire is coordinated with other incident aircraft.

Unauthorized drone use in the fire area is a safety hazard to other aircraft and is prohibited. Wildfires are a No Drone Zone. If you fly, we can’t. Every time an unauthorized drone is spotted near the fire all aircraft are grounded until we can be sure the drone is clear of this area. For more information visit Know Before You Fly.

Resources assigned to the fire include: 4 crews (National Park Service and Texas State Forest Service), 3 engines (U.S. Forest Service and Texas State Forest Service), one Type 3 helicopter (Bureau of Indian Affairs), and a UAV (Bureau of Land Management).

Smoke and Air Quality may be impacted by the Dog Fire depending on fire activity and weather conditions. Smoke-sensitive individuals and people with respiratory problems are encouraged to take precautionary measures by staying inside during heavy smoke periods and avoiding outdoor activities. Information on the 5-3-1 Visibility Method for protecting yourself against smoke impacts can be found at NM Environmental Public Health Tracking. The air quality forecast for Carlsbad, New Mexico can be found at

An Area Closure is in effect. Trails starting at the Frijole Ranch and McKittrick Canyon trailheads are closed. The Frijole Ranch and McKittrick Canyon picnic areas are closed. Closed trails in the Pine Springs area include Tejas, Frijole/Foothills, and Bear Canyon Trails. Closed trails in the Dog Canyon area include the Tejas, Bush Mountain, and Marcus Trails. A map of closed areas is available on InciwebThe Pine Springs Visitor Center remains open.

Fire Restrictions are in effect. Open fires are always prohibited in the park. Pressurized camp gas stoves are only permitted at Pine Springs and Dog Canyon Campgrounds and the Frijole Ranch Picnic Area (currently closed). Smoking is only permitted inside enclosed vehicles. Fireworks are always prohibited in the park. More information on fire restrictions is available on Inciweb.



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