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East Troublesome Post-Fire BAER

Unit Information

Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland
U.S. Forest Service
2150 Centre Avenue Building E
Fort Collins, CO 80526

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Incident Contact

Reid Armstrong
Phone: 970-222-7607

Closures Adjusted on Routt and Arapaho National Forests

East Troublesome Post-Fire BAER Burned Area Emergency Response
Closures – 7/9/2021

 In early July, closures were adjusted on the Routt and Arapaho National Forests. These closures permit day use but prohibit overnight occupancy. Some roads and trails remain closed.

Arapaho National Forest Closure and Map

  • Restricted Areas
    • The NFS lands 300 feet from the centerline of NFS Roads 835.2A and 835.2B (the “Bull Mountain Camping Area”).
    • The NFS lands within 1/4 mile on either side of NFS Roads 119.1, 120, and 120.4 (the “Supply Creek Area”). 
  • Restricted Roads
    • 112, 112.1A (from Forest Road No. 112 to the southernmost end of the existing road), 112.1E, 112.3N, 116, 116.2, 116.2M, 120.Y, 120.5, 121.1, 123.2A, 123.2B, 123.2G, 190.A, 190.1 (West side accessed by Forest Road No. 121.1), 258.1, 258.1D, 258.2, 265.1, 266.1, 267, 267.1D, 750 (From the boundary of the Parks Ranger District to the intersection of Forest Road No. 266.1), 814.1, 816.2. 818.1, 820.2, 827.1, 831.1A, 835.2B, 835.2C, and 835.3
  • Restricted Trails
    • N27 Elk Mountain, N37 Drowsy Water, N38 McQueary Ridge, N51 Buffalo Creek, N53 Bill Miller, N54 Paradise Creek, N199 Trail Creek, N199.1 South Trail Creek, M50 Sherman Creek, M113 Camway, M114 (from the intersection of FSR 116.1 to the southernmost portion of Forest Road No. 116), M115 Lower Gilsonite (Between Forest Road Nos. 123 and 123.2B), M116 Beaver Line, M118.2 Gilsonite II, M120 Soda Pass, M121 Blizzard Pass, M122 Burn, M123 Middle Supply, M124 North Supply Loop, M125 Spruce Em Up Jack, and M136 Eagle Perch Overlook

Routt National Forest Closure and Map

  • Prohibited Activities
    • Being on National Forest System roads 12 and 112 and all associated spur roads
    • Camping on National Forest System lands within the burn area
  • Restricted Roads
    • 12 (from Forest Boundary to intersection with FS 112), 111, 112 (from Southern Forest Boundary to northernmost end of the existing road), 112.6B, 112.6D, 112.6E, 121, 121.1B, and 125