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Western Oregon USFS BAER

Unit Information

Umpqua National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Roseburg, OR 97471

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Incident Contacts

Alex Rozin
Phone: 208-507-8077

Dave Olsen
Phone: 360-891-5154

Wooden Culverts Identified by BAER Team on the Umpqua NF

Western Oregon USFS BAER Burned Area Emergency Response
News – 10/5/2020

Early 1900s Wooden Culvert identified by BAER team

The USFS BAER team identifies numerous values at risk in the aftermath of a wildfire and determines the threat of additional damage that could be caused by upcoming storms. This wood culvert, identified by a BAER team specialist, is located on a section of the Umpqua River Highway that connects Roseburg to Diamond Lake.

The Umpqua River Highway was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps between 1935 and 1939 under the supervision of the Bureau of Public Roads. Road construction in the Umpqua Forest dates to circa 1915. Forest Service maps from 1918 indicate the existence of a developed road connecting Crater Lake to what is now Highway 97. Only a trail extended north to Diamond Lake from Crater Lake at this time.

By 1925, a Forest Service Supply Route existed between Crater Lake and Diamond Lake. Forest Service maps from 1925 also indicate a market road extending east out of Roseburg but ending well short of the western terminus of the North Umpqua Road. The market road and the North Umpqua Road were improved and extended in the 1930s, eventually joining the Diamond Lake Area to the City of Roseburg. The new alignment was incorporated into the state highway system by 1939 and designated as Ore Rte. 138. Eleven wood culverts (unknown construction type), ranging in construction date from 1900 to 1956 have been identified within the state's population of culverts.

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