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Mullen Fire

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Medicine Bow National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
2468 Jackson Street
Laramie, WY 82070

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Mullen Fire Daily Update for 9-22-2020

Mullen Fire Wildfire
News – 9/22/2020


Fire size: 13,504 acres (reduction due to more accurate mapping)

The fire has crossed the 500 Road on the north, and the 511 road on the northeast. On the south, the fire has crossed the 512 Road and is active in the Sheep Creek drainage.

Expected fire behavior: The fire is burning in extremely rugged terrain, with live blowdown and beetle-killed deadfall. Extreme fire behavior is possible. Strong, gusty winds could push the fire in multiple directions, but likely east and northeast.

Firefighting efforts

As of this morning, aerial firefighters have successfully defended the Rambler community, by applying retardant along roads where prior fire mitigation projects had reduced the available fuels. Ground and aerial operations continue working to slow fire growth toward private properties on the west, east, and north.

Firefighters are assessing structures in evacuated areas nearest the fire, and preparing to implement defenses to protect
those structures.

Active fire behavior is expected to continue, even after dark. Some firefighters are being assigned to a night shift to
continue operations.

Mandatory Evacuations:

  • Lake Creek community
  • Rambler community
  • Rob Roy community
  • Keystone communities: Keystone proper, lower Keystone, Langford/Ricker, Moore's Gulch,
  • and 507C cabin grouping

Pre-Evacuation Notice has been issued for Centennial Valley, which includes:

  • Private land along Fox Creek Road
  • The communities of Albany and Centennial, extending northwest along Highway 130
  • All areas west of Highway 11 in the valley.

Closures and Restrictions

Highway 130, north of the fire, is OPEN: For up-to-date road conditions, go to:

Temporary Flight Restriction: A Temporary Flight Restriction is in effect for the fire area ( For the safety of all firefighters, all private aircraft, including drones, must avoid this area. If you fly, we can’t!
Forest Closure: A Forest area closure is in effect surrounding the Mullen Fire. For details, see the Forest Closure Order ( or the Forest Closure Area Map (

Stage 2 Fire Restrictions are in effect for the fire area:

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