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Apple Acres Fire

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Northeast Region-Department of Natural Resources
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Colville, WA 99114

9/12/2020 Apple Acres and Pearl Hill Fire Update

Apple Acres Fire Wildfire
News – 9/12/2020

 Apple Acres and Pearl Hill Fire Update for Saturday, September 12, 2020

 Pearl Hill Fire
The northwest corner of the fire in the vicinity of Whitley Canyon/Brewster Bar became very active last night due to a 20- acre slop-over.  The fire was highly visible from the town of Brewster located across the Columbia River.  The active part of the fire is in an area in which firefighters had previously constructed a dozer control line as well as a secondary contingency line.  A substantial force of firefighters actively controlled and directed the fire toward the completed dozer lines. Last night’s active fire area is the same place in which firefighters had intended to aerially ignite today.  Today’s planned burn-out was intended to consume fuels to secure the fire and check its spread.  As a result of last night’s active fire behavior, the planned aerial ignition is no longer necessary since the fuels were consumed by the natural behavior of the fire. 

Elsewhere within the fire area, firefighters continue to patrol and extinguish hot spots as they flare up.

Apple Acres Fire

The fire is now 93% contained.  Firefighters continue to patrol and monitor the fire area. Some resources are being moved to the Pearl Hill fire or are being reassigned to other incidents. 

Expected Weather and Fire Activity

Light winds are expected today.  Smoke from other fires cover the area, reducing fire activity.  As smoke inversions lift, fire activity is expected to increase. The Fire Danger Index is very high due to the dry weather and warm temperatures, according to Fire Behavior Analyst Brett Smith, and fire volatility may be high with possible ignition of spot fires.

Virtual public meetings were held last night and were well attended by the public.  Firefighters appreciate the participation and comments made by attendees.  Fire managers are also holding virtual meetings with cooperators and partners each day.

Evacuation Level Reduced

The Douglas County Sheriff has reduced the evacuation level in the area east of Highway 17 and Bridgeport Hill Road from a Level 3 to a Level 2.   The evacuation level in the area south of Hwy 172 (Road 14NE) is a Level 2. The Rimrock Meadows Estates area remains at Level 2. SR 173 remains closed with pilot car for locals. All areas related to Apple Acres Fire are at Level 1. For more specific information please check with the Chelan County Emergency Management Facebook page for Apple Acres Fire ( )and the Douglas County Sherriff’s Facebook page for the Pearl Hill Fire ( 

                                      Fires Statistics Summary


 Pearl Hill Fire – 219,956 acres

 Apple Acres Fire – 5,753acres


Pearl Hill Fire - 64%

Apple Acres Fire – 93%

Location:  Pearl Hill Fire is located at Bridgeport, WA. Apple Acres Fire is located four miles north of Chelan, WA.

Cause: Both are under investigation

Total Assigned Personnel: 631

Assigned Resources:

Dozers – 10

Type 2 Crews – 17

Engines – 60

Water Tenders - 17

Type 1 Helicopters – 3

Type 2 Helicopters – 2

Type 3 Helicopters - 1


(360) 489-8731     

Staffed 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.


Staffed 24 hours

(509) 670-5331

(571) 595-7723

Fire Info via InciWeb: Pearl Hill Fire. Apple Acres Fire.