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Brattain Fire

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Fremont-Winema National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
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Brattain Fire Daily Update-September 26, 2020

Brattain Fire Wildfire
News – 9/26/2020


September 26, 2020 @ 12:00 PM


A local incident management team took command of Brattain Fire yesterday and will be focusing their efforts on final mop up and fire suppression repair/rehabilitation. Conditions were breezy with cooler temps and lower afternoon humidity. Grader work continued on School House Road and 3510, and divisions focused heavily on patrolling and scouting additional repair work.  

Today, the fire will continue smoldering, and crews will continue to mop-up and patrol lines in all divisions. Grading along 3510 will continue. The suppression repair group is working with the host unit to identify and prioritize the needed work and the resources and equipment needed to best accomplish this task. Another front will arrive over the fire area, bringing cooler temperatures and higher humidity which will allow fire activity to remain minimal. A long-duration dry and very warm pattern returns Sunday into late next week.

Fire Suppression Repair/Rehabilitation:

Wildfires cause complex problems from water quality, loss of vegetation and soil stability, and loss of habitat and cultural resources. Identifying post-wildfire threats to human life and safety, property and critical natural and cultural resources is a top priority for public land managers. Restoring pre-fire conditions is not always possible, but the primary goal of suppression repair is to minimize long-term impacts caused by personnel and equipment over the course of fire suppression activities.

Already, crews and special resource teams on the Brattain Fire are focusing on constructing water bars to ensure proper drainage, grading roads and firelines to minimize impacts to vehicles, removing snags and woody debris and overhead hazards, closing gates and reconstructing fence rows, and redistributing slash created during handline construction.

Minimizing the possibility of transmittal of invasive/noxious species is also a top priority for public land managers during fire suppression rehabilitation. Mobile wash stations were deployed into the Brattain Fire perimeter to clean equipment and vehicles upon exit. Pressure washing of tire treads, tracks and under carriages reduces the threat of spreading noxious weeds into exposed areas of bare mineral soil. At camp, a field wash station was established to ensure all passenger vehicles were weed-washed upon demobilization.  


The Lake County Sheriff’s Office has lifted all evacuations as of 1000 a.m. Saturday, September 26.

Area residents should sign up for Lake County Alerts, a mass notification system that provides residents with both emergency and non-emergency notifications. Sign up at

Forest Closure:

From Forest Road 29 southeast to Forest Road 3510 and the 28 Road east, all National Forest System lands and facilities are closed per Forest Closure Order 06-02-03-20-03. Forest Road 3315 is closed.


The Brattain fire started on September 7, 2020, on the Paisley Ranger District of the Fremont-Winema National Forest. Firefighters have battled winds, extremely dry conditions and shortages of firefighting resources.

SIZE:  50,951 acres


CAUSE:  Human




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South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership @SCOFMPFIREINFO


No active evacuations.


Hwy 31 is open but be mindful of emergency response traffic.

Temporary Flight Restrictions are in effect. Avoid drone use and report drones to law enforcement.