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Bobcat Morning Update for Sept. 22, 2020

Bobcat Wildfire
News – 9/22/2020


With the forecasted weather conditions, we expect similar fire activity to yesterday. The defensive strategic firing operation to secure line between Mt. Wilson and Highway 2 will continue and should be completed today. North of Highway 2 on the west side of the fire crews will look for opportunities to construct both indirect and direct line to check the westward spread of the fire and carry out structure defense as needed. In the Antelope Valley, crews will continue to construct direct line on the fire’s edge and mop up. On the northeastern corner of the fire, crews will be looking for opportunities to construct line to stop any further spread to the east. The south side and Highway 39 corridor continues to be in mop up and patrol status. A virtual community meeting was held yesterday and can be seen at:, as the closed captioning is completed it will be uploaded.


Yesterday the fire remained active in the western, northern, and southwestern portions. Last night personnel were successful picking up numerous spots. Yesterday evacuations were issued for the areas near Colby Ranch and Hidden Springs where crews worked to prepare structures and build contingency lines. Crews began a strategic firing operation moving north from Mt. Wilson to Highway 2 that continued throughout the night. Minimal fire activity occurred on the southern and eastern sides from Mt. Wilson around to Crystal Lake.


The weather today will be similar to yesterday, although with slightly cooler temperatures, higher humidity, and lower winds. As with yesterday, winds will start the day from the east and then shift to a southerly direction. Warmer and drier conditions will begin to return to the area on Wednesday.


Evacuation Orders:

- South and West of Upper Big Tujunga.

- East of Angeles Forest Hwy.

- North of Angeles Crest Hwy.

- Residences along Angeles Crest Highway, between Angeles Forest Highway and Highway 39.

- The unincorporated areas of Juniper Hills, Devils Punch Bowl, and Paradise Springs.

- The unincorporated areas of Crystal Lake, East Fork of the San Gabriel River, and Camp Williams.

- South of Hwy 138, North of Big Rock Creek, East of 87th St East, and West of Largo Vista Rd.

- South of 138th St. East, North of Big Pine Hwy and Hwy 2, East of Largo Vista Rd., and West of 263rd St. East.

- South of Hwy 138, North of East Ave W-14, East of 155th St East, and West of 165th St. East.

Evacuation Warnings:

- City of Pasadena

- Unincorporated communities of Altadena and Wrightwood.

- South of Pearblossom Hwy, East and North of Angeles Forest Hwy, North and West of Mt. Emma Rd., East and South of Hwy 122, and West of Cheseboro Rd.

- South of Hwy 2, North of Blue Ridge Truck Trail, East of Hwy 39, and West of the Los Angeles Co. border.

- South of Ave U-8, North of East Ave W-14, East of 121st East, and West of 155th St East. (Longview)

- South of Pearblossom Hwy (Hwy 138), South and East of Pearblossom Hwy (Hwy 122), North and West of Mt. Emma Rd., North and East of Angeles Forest Hwy, and West of Cheseboro Rd. (Emma)

- South of Mt. Emma Rd., North of Upper Big Tujunga Canyon Rd., East of Angeles Forest Highway, and West of Pacifico Mountain

- Littlerock: East of Cheseboro Road, South of Pearblossom Hwy, North of Weber Ranch Rd, West of 87th St E.

For ongoing evacuation alerts, visit: LA County Sheriff’s Dept. Twitter @LASHQ or A Red Cross Evacuation Center has been established at Palmdale High School, located at 2137 E Avenue R, Palmdale, 93550. The first evacuation point at Santa Anita Park is now closed and anyone still needing assistance can call the Disaster Distress Hotline at 800-675-5799. Accommodations for large animals is available at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds at 2551 W Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93536.


The Bobcat Fire started on September 6th at 12:21 PM. The fire is located near the Cogswell Dam and West Fork Day Use area. The fire is burning in heavy fuels with a rapid rate of spread.

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