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Bobcat Fire Morning Update 9/13/20

Bobcat Wildfire
News – 9/13/2020


The fire continues to actively grow to the north and south, with keeping it out of the foothills

communities as the top priority. Crews are constructing handline and dozerline where

possible to stop the downhill progression. Indirect lines are being used where direct attack

is not possible. As air conditions allow, helicopters are being used to support the ground

forces. Elsewhere on the fire the focus will be on keeping it south of Highway 2 and west

of Highway 39. Indirect dozerline continues to be constructed to keep the fire away from

Mount Wilson and to herd it into the Station Fire scar, where there will be significantly

reduced fire behavior. This fire has mainly been driven by steep terrain and dry fuels,

some of which have not seen fire activity in at least 60 years. Tonight, smoke and flame will

remain visible to surrounding communities as fire activity remains in the south.


Crews worked actively all last night on the southern end of the fire where it is burning

downhill into the foothills community. Fire crews saw heavy fire activity in the north and

south ends of the Bobcat Fire yesterday. On the south end, the fire reached Santa Anita

Canyon near Chantry Flat and remained active overnight.


Weather today will be similar to yesterday, being warm and dry, with low humidities and

light winds. These conditions are expected to continue until at least mid-week. It is

anticipated that smoke will lift earlier today resulting in increased fire activity. A Smoke

Advisory has been issued for the fire area. The fire area is under a Fuels and Fire

Behavior Advisory. Abnormally dry fuels are leading to extreme fire behavior and rapid

rates of spread.


Evacuation warnings are in effect for Monrovia, Arcadia, Bradbury, Sierra Madre, Altadena, Duarte

and Pasadena. At this time, no Evacuation Orders in these communities have been issued—

however, it’s important to stay well-informed as this is an evolving incident. An Evacuation Order

has been issued for Camp Williams.


The Bobcat Fire started on September 6th at 12:21. The fire is located near the Cogswell Dam and

West Fork Day Use area. The fire is burning in heavy fuels with a rapid rate of spread. Along with

California Team #1, the fire is currently managed under Unified Command by the Angeles National

Forest, Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office and cooperating

fire departments.

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