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El Dorado Fire

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El Dorado Fire Evening Update for September 17, 2020

El Dorado Fire Wildfire
News – 9/17/2020


The El Dorado fire burned more actively today along Hwy 38 in the vicinity of Angelus Oaks. Ground crews continue to directly attack the fire utilizing hose lines and strengthening fire containment lines to protect the community.

Fire burned with increased intensity along Hwy 38 near the Pinezanita area.  Spotting occurred within the indirect fire line and did not cross Hwy 38.  The spots fires were quickly extinguished by the ground resources working in the area. Structure protection continues from Pinezanita to Jenks Lake by increasing defensible space, hose line placement and fire line construction. The road has been widened to create a better fire break and assist fire resources with containing the fire south of Hwy 38.

The fire progressed past Forsee Creek and continues to burn northeast towards San Bernardino Peak as the upcanyon winds align with topography.

There are no active spot fires that have crossed Hwy 38.  We understand that many residents may be looking at Modis online.  Modis is an instrument aboard the Terra and Aqua EOS Satellites and measure thermal and infrared detections. This can create confusion as anything emitting heat registers in Modis, including smoke AND fire-fighting equipment.  What communities are perceiving as spot fires across Hwy 38 is likely smoke or equipment operating in the area.  As of this update, the El Dorado Fire has NOT crossed Highway 38.  Please know that the firefighters working in this area are monitoring this possibility very carefully. 


A high-pressure weather system remains over the fire resulting in winds from the southwest above 6,000 feet elevation. The predominant diurnal winds continue below 6000 feet elevation and will transition to down canyon overnight.

There is NO evacuation directive for Big Bear residents AT THIS TIME. Please monitor official sources for any changes including the San Bernardino National Forest information listed at the top of this update, San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, the CAL Fire San Bernardino Unit and San Bernardino County Fire.

Along Hwy 38, the fire activity continues to slowly back down the slope and burn eastward along Mill Creek. The fire line has been widened behind Forest Falls as firefighters continue to work in and around this community.

All residents waiting to return home:  we ask for your continued patience. We are re-evaluating repopulation daily with the utility companies, CalTrans, CHP and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department as they repair critical infrastructure. We ask that you continue to support the firefighters by staying out of the way until we can open your neighborhood safely for you.

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