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BobCat Fire

Unit Information

Fire Update Sept. 13

BobCat Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 9/13/2020

Incident Command: Type 2 Northern Rockies Incident Management Team 4, Rick Connell, I.C.

Size: 30,030 acres         Containment: 88%                  Personnel: 166

Transfer of Command: The Northern Rockies Team 4 will soon be transitioning with the local unit and the transfer of command is planned for Sept. 14 at 6:00 a.m. This will be the last BobCat Wildfire Fact Sheet from Team 4. All of us from Northern Rockies Team 4 would like to say THANK YOU to the residents of Roundup and Musselshell County for your hospitality over the past 11 days. Farewell!

Current Status: Yesterday, crews were able to cover a large amount of ground within the fire perimeter. The crews and engines observed minimal smoke or areas with active heat within 200 ft of the fire edge and the engines were able to extinguish all hot spots they found. Equipment operators completed rehabilitation work on dozer control lines within the interior of the fire. Firefighters worked to complete the containment line on the on the northeast side of the fire.

Last night’s weak dry cold front will lower today’s temperatures slightly and create variable wind. The high today will be in the high 70s with wind speeds of 5-10 mph. Tonight’s low is 54 degrees. There is a Red Flag Warning in effect for Monday with a high in the low 90s as the warm and dry conditions return. Wind speeds are predicted to be 10-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. There is an increased potential for new fire starts and higher risk of fire spread in these conditions. Tuesday through Wednesday could bring an isolated chance of thunderstorms.

Planned Actions: Air operations will conduct an observation flight over the fire area to determine conditions and evaluate remaining suppression and rehab priority areas. Crews will search the fire area for smoke within 200 feet from the fire edge, extinguishing remaining hot spots. Large fuels like stumps that continue to smolder or retain heat will be addressed with hand work and water to minimize the risk of fire spread and additional ignition. Crews will continue rehabilitation work in the interior of the fire area. Fire engines crews will be monitoring the area and staged to respond to new ignitions.

Key Message: The fire area no longer has active areas of fire but please be aware that burned areas contain many hazards. Burned trees and limbs may be weakened and fall, burned soil can become unstable, dislodging rocks or toppling trees. Tree stumps and roots may burn below the surface, creating hollow areas prone to cave-in. Please use caution when entering a recently burned area.

Closures/Restrictions: There are no evacuation orders or area closures at this time.

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR): There is no temporary flight restriction over the fire area.

Cooperating Agencies: DNRC, BLM, Musselshell County, Bull Mountain Fire Department.