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Sweet Creek MP2 Fire

Unit Information

Western Lane District - Oregon Department of Forestry
87950 Territorial Highway
Veneta, OR 97487

Sweet Creek Milepost 2 Fire Evening Update

Sweet Creek MP2 Fire Wildfire
News – 9/1/2020

MAPLETON, Ore.—Firefighters and air resources worked through the day to keep the Sweet Creek Milepost 2
Fire within its current footprint. Fire activity picked up around noon, but was kept mostly in check by
helicopters dropping water from the Siuslaw River and ground crews using established hose lays. A few
small areas of growth outside the line were quickly controlled. Fallers removed snags to make areas safer for
firefighters and to shore up fire lines. To date, no injuries or accidents have been reported on the fire, despite
steep terrain and challenging conditions.
Fire managers have adjusted their estimate of the fire’s size down to 382 acres. Steep terrain, smoky
conditions, and dense vegetation have made it extremely difficult to accurately map the fire. Additionally, air
resources have not been available to provide nighttime infrared overflights. The acreage may be adjusted as
better information becomes available.
At the evening briefing for night shift crews, Incident Commander Joe Hessel thanked firefighters for their
hard work preventing the fire from spreading.
Hessel said, “Our primary mission is to minimize the size of the fire.”
He emphasized success in the mission protects resources, reduces risk to firefighters and the community, and
protects nearby structures. Helicopters continued to work hot spots in the background as crews listened to
the briefing.
Tonight’s objectives include continuing to mop up. Mop up is the methodical process of locating and
extinguishing hot spots near control lines to prevent spread. Crews will focus on completing hose lays to
bring water to the fire and mopping up 25-50 feet into the perimeter. They will also continue improving
sections of fire line intended to catch burning debris rolling down steep slopes. Firefighters will be aided by
lower temperatures and higher nighttime relative humidity.
Tomorrow’s weather forecast—low 90s with gusty east winds—will continue to challenge control lines. Air
resources will remain available to keep spots in check and ground crews will continue mop up.
Evacuations remain in place on Hadsall Creek (Level 3: GO!), Sweet Creek Rd (Level 2: Be Set!) and Bernhardt
Creek Rd and Duncan Island Road (Level 1: Be Ready!). For more information on evacuations please visit:
The Red Cross is providing accommodations for those affected by the fire. To make emergency arrangements
call 888-680-1455.