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East Fork Fire

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Ashley National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
Vernal, UT 84078

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Ashley National Forest Closure Order 0401-2020-10

East Fork Fire Wildfire
Closures – 10/2/2020

East Fork Fire Closure Order
Order Number: 0401 - 2020 - 10
PROHIBITIONS: Pursuant to title 36 CFR 261.50 ( a) and (b ), the following acts are prohibited within the area described below, all within the Duchesne Ranger District, Ashley National Forest until notice to end. 1. Being within the described area, 36 CFR 261.53(e) 2. Being on a trail, 36 CFR 261.55(a) 3. Being on a road, 36 CFR 261.54(e)
EXEMPTIONS: Pursuant to 36 CFR 261.50 ( e), the following persons are exempt from this order: I. Persons with special use authorization or other Forest Service authorization. 2. Any Federal, State, or local officer or member of an organized rescue or fire fighting force in the perfonnance of an official duty. 3. Federal or State administrative personnel in the performance of an official duty.
AREA DESCRIBED: Everything within the boundary described. Starting from the Forest Boundary intersection with Blind Stream Road Forest Service Road (FSR) 135, to Rock Creek Road FSR 143, up South Fork of Rock Creek to the Wilderness Boundary, to Mill Flat Trail along the boundary of the Ashley National Forest and the Uinta Wasatch Cache National Forest to Red Knob Pass along Forest Service Trail (FST) 025 and the Lake Fork River transitioning to FST 061 to East Slide Lake. Moving directly east to Swasey lakes, then northeast to the Yellowstone Creek Trail 057, up Milk Creek Trail 055, around the Timothy Lake Basin south of Upper Carroll Lake, southeast of Mount Emmett, around the ridge to FST 055 then south to the Wilderness Boundary. South on the Wilderness Boundary to Swift Creek Trailhead, continue south to the Yellowstone Canyon Road, (FS Road 124) to FS Road 119 south to the Forest Boundary. Then continue west along the Forest Boundary to Blind Stream Road. 
Roads, Trails and Sites Closed include, but are not limited to:

  • Closures will be in effect on FS Roads 124 and FS Road 119 between the Forest Boundary and Yellowstone Canyon Road, as well as FS Trail 055 within the Wilderness.
  • Rock Creek Road FSR 134 from Forest Boundary north is closed to the public.
  • Pigeon Creek Road FSR 133 from Forest Service Boundary north is included in the closure.
  • Forest Roads 146 and 198 northeast from the Forest Boundary are included in the closure.
  • Forest Trail 145 northeast from the Forest Boundary are included in the closure.
  • Forest Roads 197 and 416 north from the Forest Boundary are included in this closure.
  • Blindstream Road FSR 135 north from the Forest Boundary is included in this clsure.
  • Miners Gulch Campground, South Fork of Rock Creek Road, and all spurs off the east side of Blindstream Road are included in this closure. 



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