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P-515 Fire

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Warm Springs Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
1233 Veterans Street
Warm Springs, OR 97761

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Sid Walter Flats/Miller Flat Evacuations Now a Level 1 - Get Ready

P-515 Fire Wildfire
Announcements – 9/17/2020

From the Warm Springs Police Department:

Good Morning Warm Springs!  We received good news for the residential areas or Sid Walter Flat/Miller Flat.  The evacuation level for the area has decreased to a level 1.  Remember the level 1 is a "Be Prepared" level.  There is still active fire behavior in the area as crews work on containment lines of the Lionshead Fire.Simansho and Schoolie have no evacuation warnings in place.There is heavy smoke in the area of Hwy 26 with low visibility, drive with your headlights on so people can see you.  This is for your safety as well as the other drivers on the road.  There is a chance for rain in the area, so if traveling the roadways continue to use caution.The Warm Springs Tribal Police Department would like to thank the Pacific Northwest Team 3 for the work they have done to help keep our community safe as they transition from out of our area.  We would like to welcome Rocky Mountain Team 1, we look forward to working with you.To our local Warm Springs Fire Management Team, Natural Resource Office, thank you for your commitment to our communities safety and care for the natural resources!Thank you to the National Guard for coming to our community to assist in our public safety efforts.Last, but definitely not least, a thank you to the fire fighters on all the fire lines, you all are amazing and we appreciate you!  Stay safe out there.