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Dolan Fire

Unit Information

Los Padres National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
6750 Navigator Way
Goleta, CA 93117

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

Dolan Fire Public Information
Phone: 831-272-0222
Hours: S-S 7am-9pm

Dolan Fire Media Line
Phone: 831-272-0221
Hours: S-S 7am-9pm

Dolan Fire Evening Update, August 31, 2020

Dolan Fire Wildfire
News – 8/31/2020

Incident Information: Start / Report Date: Aug. 18, 2020 Cause: Unknown Location: Hwy 1 (MM32.20) N of Limekiln State Park, 10 miles S of Big Sur Fuels Involved: Chaparral, Brush, Timber understory Size: 29,550 Containment: 25% Injuries: 0   Resources: Hand Crews: 14 Engines: 65 Dozers: 8 Helicopters: 11 Water Tenders: 25  Total Personnel:  933   Current Situation: A mandatory evacuation order went into effect this afternoon south of Nacimiento-Fergusson Road, west of South Coast Ridge to Prewitt Ridge including Alms Ridge due to increased fire behavior and winds. Highway 1 remains closed with expanded hard closure south to Pacific Valley Station. Rolling rocks are a continued safety concern throughout the Highway 1 closure.    The fire has progressed south and east towards San Antonio Creek drainage. Today the marine layer remained in place decreasing fire activity below 1500 feet with fire activity predicted to increase overnight at higher elevations.   Crews continued work along the north section of the fire, reinforcing containment lines along the McWay drainage. The line has been completed and unburned vegetation has been fired out. Firefighters have also completed clearing of vegetation and other fuels around infrastructure in the Partington area. The completion of this work will free resources up to be shifted to the southern portion of the fire which is now the highest priority.   The east side continues to burn further into the Ventana Wilderness. As the northern and southern perimeters are secured, the firefighting effort will shift to address the fire’s movement into the Ventana Wilderness. The work on Nacimiento Fergusson Road and the forest trail and road system is the beginning of this effort with more clearing completed today. If successful, these actions will help to check the southeasterly spread of the fire.   Today three years ago, Los Padres National Forest Battalion Chief Gary Helming tragically lost his life while returning home from a fire assignment. Gary was killed when a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction blew a tire and swerved head-on into his vehicle. We can honor battalion chief Helming’s life by being extra cautious when traveling on roadways and ask the public to do the same. This is a reminder that driving safety is critical at all times.

Carmel Fire Info:

River Fire Info:

Updates and Meetings: Fire Information is producing two daily written updates. To request an update, email and provide your email address.

Weather: The marine inversion on the west flank of the fire is around 1500 feet deep and remained today over the fire. Expected weather for tomorrow is a lower marine inversion with lower temperature and higher humidity below 1200 feet and higher temperatures and lower humidity above the marine inversion.  Increased temperatures are predicted later in the week. Weather conditions will be monitored closely to adapt and execute an appropriate plan.

Evacuations / Closures: Click here for an interactive map of Monterey County evacuations. For information about state highway closures go to

Forest Order Number 05-07-51-20-19 remains in effect.

Smoke: The air quality in communities around the fire is forecast to range from good to moderate. Smoke intensity will continue to depend on local fire activity.

A!ert Monterey County: To receive emergency notifications regarding evacuations and critical events in Monterey County please sign up for A!ert Monterey County at the following website:

Cooperating and Assisting Organizations: National Weather Service, California Highway Patrol, Monterey County Sheriff’s Department, Big Sur Volunteers, Cal Trans, California State Parks, OES, Ventana Wilderness Alliance

Safety Message: This will be a long duration event. Residents in the affected area are encouraged to continue to prepare for the possibility of fire in their area in advance. Go to to learn how to prepare.

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