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August Complex

Unit Information

Mendocino National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
825 N. Humboldt Ave.
Willows, CA 95988

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

North Zone August Complex
Phone: 530-628-0039
Hours: Daily 8am to 8pm

South Zone August Complex
Phone: 530-640-1168
Hours: Daily 8am to 5pm

Northeast and Northwest Zones Fire Update, August Complex for 10.14.2020

August Complex Wildfire
News – 10/14/2020

USDA Forest Service and CAL FIRE are engaged in a coordinated response to manage and suppress multiple fires that have burned together and are collectively known as the August Complex. The Complex is 1,029,110 acres and 77% contained. The Complex began August 16 and 17, 2020.

Due to the Complex’s size, four Incident Management Teams are managing the incident: The Great Basin Team 1 (Kuo) is in the Northwest Zone, Great Basin Team 2 (DeMasters) is in the Northeast Zone, SW Team 1 (Sinclair) is in the South Zone and CAL FIRE Team (Parkes) is in the West Zone.

An Area Command Team is overseeing and coordinating the multiple Incident Management Teams and providing support to R5 Forest Service, and the Mendocino, Six Rivers, and Shasta Trinity National Forests. Area Command Team 1 (Reinarz) is in place.

A recording of the joint public meeting on October 13 is available on A Facebook account is not required to watch it.

Forest Closures remain in effect:

Northeast and Northwest Zones Evacuation and Closures:

On October 13, at 1 p.m. the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office updated their Evacuation Notices.  Refer to their facebook page or visit Hazards remain in areas with lifted evacuations, including smoke, debris, and fire vehicles and personnel working in the area. Hwy 36 remains closed from Southfork Summit Mountain east to the Hwy 3 intersection.

Northeast Zone Update - Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino and Six Rivers National Forests:

Fire Information Line: (530) 628-0039
Zone Size: 270,336 acres | Zone Containment Percentage: 60%

Fire behavior was low yesterday with limited fire activity in Little Bear Wallow and Beegum Creek. Some interior islands of vegetation burned through the afternoon but only produced minimal smoke. Crews built containment line around a ¾ acre spot fire in the eastern edge of Beegum Creek and used heavy helicopters for water drops to suppress fire spread. Hotshot crews mopped up in the Pony Buck Mountain area in the 2017 Buck Fire scar. In Rattlesnake Creek, mop up work by U.S. Marine firefighters led to more fire line containment. Near Progeny and the South Fork Trinity River firefighters continued installing hose and pumps and used masticators along dozer lines to further secure the fire perimeter.

North and northeast winds today will push most fire activity back into the main fire area and new fire spread potential is low on the NE Zone. Firefighters continue to engage and fortify firelines near Bear Wallow Mountain, South Fork Trinity and Beegum Creek. Helicopters will focus water drops in Little Bear Wallow Creek west of Irish Mountain to keep fire from moving out of the drainage. Firefighters continue backhaul of equipment on the east end of the fire, approximately 10 miles south of Hwy 36.

Northwest Zone - Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino and Six Rivers National Forests:

Fire Information Line: (707)-867-0965

Zone Size: 69,957 acres | Zone Containment Percentage: 94%

Mop up and patrol is the name of the game on the Northwest Zone. Diligent efforts from firefighters continues to increase fireline containment. To prepare the fire area for phased re-opening, masticators continued clearing roadway debris and removing felled trees north of Ruth Lake along Mad River Road. Dozers steadily improved nearby secondary containment line.

West of Van Duzen Road,  crews implemented a direct suppression strategy near the Lassic Fire scar. South of Little Round Mountain near Kettenpom firefighters continued mopping up line at the recent burnout. Working closely with local resource advisors, firefighters began the important work of suppression repair. Repair work includes installing waterbars and pulling debris over contained fireline and repairing other damages caused by fire suppression. Aerial resources were not used yesterday. 

Operations will continue much the same today. Suppression actions may be taken on small portions of unburned islands south of Little Round Mountain early in the day. Crews will continue mastication on Mad River Road, constructing dozer line nearby, and building and improving direct fireline west of Van Duzen Road. Suppression repair work continues on contained portions of the fire.

South Zone Update - Mendocino National Forest:
Fire Information: 530-487-4602

Zone Size: 548,295 acres | Zone Containment Percentage: 86%

The Southwest Area Incident Management Team 1 continues to coordinate with CAL FIRE Team 5 on control measures in the Middle Fork of the Eel River area, northeast of Covelo. Firefighters are constructing dozer line and handline in this area of the Mendocino National Forest to help protect local communities.

As temperatures warm up over the next few days, smoke may be visible in areas where vegetation within the fire's perimeter continues to burn. Firefighters are patrolling the west and south side of the fire for heat. Firefighters are mopping up any areas of heat near the fire line to help ensure the fire perimeter remains secure. Firefighters are using remote sensing data that detects heat and periodic reconnaissance flights to monitor the east side of the South Zone.  Firefighters are using remote sensing data that detects heat and periodic reconnaissance flights to monitor the east side of the South Zone.

West Zone Update CAL FIRE Mendocino, Humboldt-Del North & Trinity Units:

Fire Information Line: (707) 355-4926

Zone Size: 140,522 acres | Zone Containment Percentage: 95%

Mop-up operations were successful today as firefighters continue mitigating any hazards, digging out any stump holes that might pose a heat source or threat, removing dead trees that are actively burning and strengthening containment lines. Smoldering islands and pockets of interior heat will continue to burn off until large fuels are consumed. Smoke may be visible throughout areas of the burn scar. Incident commanders remain diligent in evaluating opportunities to reduce evacuation orders and allow residents of the communities to return home.

West Zone, August Complex Update

CAL Fire Incident website

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