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August Complex

Unit Information

Mendocino National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
825 N. Humboldt Ave.
Willows, CA 95988

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

North Zone August Complex
Phone: 530-628-0039
Hours: Daily 8am to 8pm

South Zone August Complex
Phone: 530-640-1168
Hours: Daily 8am to 5pm

Northeast and Northwest Zones Update, August Complex, 10.13

August Complex Wildfire
News – 10/13/2020

August Complex Fire Update 
Northwest and Northeast Zones

October 13, 2020

Northeast Zone Incident Commander: Tony DeMasters

Northwest Zone Incident Commander: Evans Kuo      

Start Date: 

Location: Shasta-Trinity NF; Six Rivers NF; Mendocino NF   

Cause: Lightning

Fire Size (All Zones): 1,029,037         

Containment: 76%                

Personnel (All Zones): 4,437

 A warming and drying trend will continue over the fire today. NW winds will gust to 15 mph this afternoon and increase fire behavior.  Temperatures will slightly increase with highs in the upper 70’s. A Fire Weather Watch was issued for this Wednesday through Friday across the fire, bringing NE winds of 25-35 mph, low relative humidity and poor overnight humidity recovery. All leading to potential for increased fire activity.  

Northeast Zone – Fire lines held well across the fire’s perimeter with dozers and crews strengthening primary and alternate containment lines. Near Progeny and the South Fork Trinity River firefighters installed hose along dozer lines to further secure the fire perimeter if firing operations are needed in the future. In Rattlesnake Creek, mop up led by U.S. Marine firefighters continued and additional fire line containment was achieved. Further west near Pony Buck Peak in the 2017 Buck Fire area, warming temperatures resulted in islands of unburnt fuels in the fire’s interior burning out. Near Round Mountain hot shot crews completed line construction in Beegum Creek and further secured line in the drainage. 

Today dozers near the South Fork Trinity River are working to complete critical lines west and northwest of Bear Wallow Mountain. Hot shot crews will continue to strengthen line near Round Mountain in Beegum Creek and build direct line in the Buck Fire scar down to the South Fork Trinity River. Helicopters will assist with target bucket drops of water on hot spots as needed. Backhaul of firefighting equipment continues on the east end of the fire today, approximately 10 miles south of Hwy 36.

Northwest Zone – Transfer of Command: At 6:00 AM today, management of the Northwest Zone transferred to Great Basin National Incident Management Team 1. Evans Kuo is the Incident Commander.  Firefighters continue making steady progress throughout the entire Zone. Masticators continued clearing roadway debris and removing felled trees north of Ruth Lake along Mad River Road. Dozers worked nearby, building secondary containment line. West of Van Duzen Road, firefighters continued improving direct and indirect lines towards the Lassic Fire scar in preparation for potential firing operations. South of Little Round Mountain near Kettenpom, firefighters continued mopping up line proximate to the recent burnout. Helicopters helped throughout the day with targeted water buckets for hot spots and pretreating lines.  Continued warm weather and clear skies today will help firefighters identify and diligently mop sup hot spots throughout the unsecured portions of the fire perimeter. Firing operations on unburned islands south of Little Round Mountain may occur, should conditions be favorable. Crews will continue mastication on Mad River Road, constructing dozer line nearby, and improving line west of Van Duzen Road. Where fireline containment has been achieved, crews are beginning suppression repair, which includes installing waterbars and pulling debris over handline and dozer line to reduce erosion potential and other activities to mitigate damage caused by fire suppression activities. 

Evacuations and Closures –
 Coordination continues with local county sheriff’s offices. Public and firefighter safety remains the highest priority. Crews are removing hazard trees and debris from along roadways in preparation for reopenings. 

For Trinity County evacuation Information, please contact: 530-623-2611 or visit:

For Humboldt County evacuation information, please contact: 707-268-2500 or visit:

Road Closures: 
For updated Road Closure information, visit Caltrans at

Forest Closures are still in effect and can be found here:

·       Shasta-Trinity National Forest:

·       Mendocino National Forest:

·       Six Rivers National Forest:

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