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August Complex

Unit Information

Mendocino National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
825 N. Humboldt Ave.
Willows, CA 95988

USFS Shield

Incident Contacts

North Zone August Complex
Phone: 530-628-0039
Hours: Daily 8am to 8pm

South Zone August Complex
Phone: 530-640-1168
Hours: Daily 8am to 5pm

August Complex Northwest and Northeast Zones Update 10.05

August Complex Wildfire
News – 10/5/2020

August Complex Fire Update Northwest and Northeast Zones

October 5, 2020

Northeast Zone Incident Commander: Norm McDonald

Northwest Zone Incident Commander: Rob Allen 

Start Date: 08/17/2020                                                                                                     

Cause: Lightning                                                                                                                 

Containment: 54%                                                               

Location: Shasta-Trinity NF; Six Rivers NF; Mendocino NF

Fire Size (All Zones): 1,002,097

Personnel (NW/NE Zones): 2,645

(Redding, CA) – The August Complex has been divided into four zones: Northwest, Northeast, South and West. The dividing line between the Northeast Zone and the Northwest Zone is along South Fork Mountain, crossing State Route 36 near milepost 56 and continuing north along the South Fork Trinity River. Two zones will provide more supervisory personnel, increased oversight and improved the effectiveness of fire resources. Crews who have been working in the Ruth Valley will be the same to preserve that continuity.

Smoke is expected to stay in valleys throughout the day.  Light wind at mid-slopes and ridgetops today will be from an easterly direction, and winds may shift to upslope in the afternoon. 

Northeast Zone – Yesterday, lower winds and smoky conditions moderated the fire’s behavior, but it continued to spread due to low humidity and dry fuels.  Firefighters took advantage of these moderate conditions to strengthen existing containment lines and work directly on firelines where possible. 

Along the northern edge of the fire, dozers on both sides of the South Fork Trinity River are building line to tie in with crews working from the east along Forest Road 14.  Multiple contingency lines utilizing forest roads and old fuel breaks, northwest of Post Mountain to South Fork Trinity River, are also being improved utilizing dozers followed by hand crews and masticators. Fire crews secured a 6-acre spot fire, yesterday, south of SR 36 in the Rattlesnake Creek drainage near mile marker 68.  SR 36 remains closed from the Trinity County line east to State Route 3, due to active fire, hazardous trees and heavy fire traffic.

The fire that spotted over the fire line near Round Mountain, approximately 5 miles south of Wildwood, has become well established and is in the upper Beegum Creek drainage—an area that is difficult to access.  There, firefighters are engaging in direct suppression where possible and continue to strengthen contingency lines.  The community of Wildwood remains in an Evacuation Warning status as of this morning.  Crews are assessing and developing structure protection plans in Wildwood, Platina, and nearby communities.  

Northwest Zone – Yesterday, crews responded to and extinguished several spot fires that moved over the line near the SR (Hwy) 36 and South Fork Ridge area. Fixed wing aircraft equipped with infrared sensors were used last night to gain further information that will aid firefighters in locating and snuffing out any further spot fires. Contingency and alternate lines are being identified in the event that the fire moves further north.  Firefighters successfully conducted firing operations to reduce fuel in order to protect the Journey’s End structure as well as others in the area. This will attempt to pinch off the fire as it backs down the hillside. Spot fires are being put out and mop up will continue around the southeast side of Ruth Lake. Crews will take advantage of the reduced vegetation within the previous Gobbler and Lassics Fires to slow the spread from Black Lassic towards the west side of the Ruth Lake. 

In the Zenia area, crews will improve dozer contingency lines in anticipation of possibly carrying out night firing operations. By doing this in the evening, crews hope to take advantage of the higher humidity and lower winds to safely provide a slow creeping fire to reduce fuel between the fire front and the contingency lines. Along this front, this continued coordination with CAL FIRE is critical to our success is containing this fire. Where crews cannot directly fight the fire due to terrain or safety concerns, they are using indirect techniques such as anchoring to road systems and using dozer lines for containment well ahead of where the fire is currently burning.

Northwest Fire Information #: (707)-867-0965

Northeast Fire Information Line: (530) 628-0039

Email:  @ShastaTrinityNF@SixRiversNF;@MendocinoNF

Trinity County: Evacuation Orders

·       Ruth and Ruth Lake

·       Forest Glen

·       Post Mountain/Trinity Pines

·       Three Forks 

·       Hettenshaw Valley 

·       Mad River

·       Zenia and Kettenpom

·       Island Mountain 

·       The area of Kettenpom south to Kekawaka Creek 

·       Bear Wallow and Friend Mountain, including Rowdy Bear 

·       Indian Valley and Hidden Valley

·       All areas south of State Route 36 to the Trinity County line

Trinity County: Evacuation Warning

·       Wildwood area

Humboldt County: Evacuation Warning

·       Areas east of Alderpoint Road to the Trinity County border and south of Showers Pass Road to Mountain Creek

Evacuation Information

Information for evacuees in Trinity and Humboldt counties is available from the Red Cross at 530-276-8034.  Sign up for Trinity County Evacuation notifications and other emergency alerts at

Road Closures

·       State Route (SR) 3 at Rattlesnake Road

·       Rattlesnake Road at SR 36

·       Post Mountain at SR 36

·       SR 36 from Humboldt County Line to Bowman Rd

·       Zenia Bluffs Road at Humboldt County Line

·       Zenia Lake Mountain Road at Peaks Road

·       Kekawaka Creek Road to Mendocino County Line

Damage Assessments

Trinity County Office of Emergency Services has been conducting structure damage assessments when it is safe to do so. They may be contacted at: 530-623-8223.  

Forest Closures: Shasta-Trinity, Mendocino, and Six Rivers National Forests. 

Each forest has closures in place. Individual forest closure information is available online:

·       Shasta-Trinity National Forest:

·       Mendocino National Forest:

·       Six Rivers National Forest:

Northwest Fire Information #: (707)-867-0965

Northeast Fire Information Line: (530) 628-0039

Email: ♦  @ShastaTrinityNF@SixRiversNF;@MendocinoNF

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