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Williams Fork Fire

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Smaller Closure Area Now In Effect

Williams Fork Fire Wildfire
News – 9/13/2020

Due to improved weather conditions and minimal fire activity, Arapaho National Forest managers have reduced the size of the Williams Fork Fire forest closure area. Effective today, the closure area will encompass only lands, roads and trails immediately surrounding the active fire perimeter in the Williams Fork Drainage.

Roads that remain within the fire closure area include: County Road 30, the western half of Keyser Creek Road, Lake Evelyn Road, Keyser Ridge Road, Kinney Creek Road, and Jones Pass Road west of the pass.

Byers Peak Wilderness Area as well as Keyser Ridge Trailhead, Kinney Creek Trailhead, Ute Peak Trailhead, Darling Creek Trailhead, Williams Fork Trailhead and South Fork Trailhead remain in the closure area along with the Sugarloaf, South Fork and Horseshoe Campgrounds.

While snow and rain have dampened much of the fire, active hot spots continue to burn. Warmer weather and winds could increase fire activity within the perimeter. Rolling debris, falling trees, and landslides are also possible within the fire perimeter.

The reduced closure area opens up all of Blue Ridge, Church Park, the Fraser Experimental Forest, St Louis Creek, Leland Creek, Elk Meadows and Vasquez Wilderness Area. However, a road closure remains in place on Vasquez Road due to a Grand County Water and Sanitation pipe replacement project that began earlier this summer and Little Muddy Creek Road remains closed at the bridge due to damage. 

See the full list and map of roads, trails and campgrounds included in the new closure area. 

Extensive blowdown from storm impacts some road and trails

Sulphur District Ranger Shoshana Cooper warns the public that a major blowdown event occurred across portions of Grand County due to extreme winds that preceded the snowstorm Monday and Tuesday. Areas known to have experienced extensive blowdown stretch from the Vasquez Wilderness Area and Berthoud Pass to James Peak Protection Area, Indian Peaks Wilderness Area and the Arapaho National Recreation Area. The district is continuing to survey and assess the damage, which has left some roads and trails impassible. Monarch Lake Loop is currently impassible as is the Hi-Lonesome Trail. Campground managers also have temporarily closed the Big Rock Loop on Arapaho Bay due to downed and hazardous trees. More information about the affected areas will be posted when available on the Forest website:

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