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Ranch2 Fire

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Angeles National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
701 N. Santa Anita Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006

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Ranch2 Fire Update 8/25/2020

Ranch2 Fire Wildfire
News – 8/25/2020

                     RANCH 2 FIRE      

                                   AUGUST 25, 2020

         Angeles National Forest:



Public Information                             

Phone: (747) 322-6643

Incident Website:


Start Date: 08/13/2020                                          Size: 4,237 acres

Location: San Gabriel Canyon (Hwy 39)             Containment: 93%

North of Azusa, Los Angeles County, CA           Cause: Human-Caused, Suspected Arson

Assigned Resources

Hand Crew: 3                                     Engines: 4                   Dozers: 0         Total Personnel: 275

Helicopters: 1                                      Fixed Wing: 0             Water Tenders: 1

Current Conditions

The Ranch 2 Fire has burned 4,237 acres and is at 93% containment.  There has been no growth over the past 4 days and this is the final fire size.  Firefighters were able to complete the fire line on the western perimeter in rugged country yesterday.  Crews are working on cleaning up the fire line, back-hauling equipment and working on suppression repair.  The entire fire perimeter is in monitor status today.

Management of the Ranch 2 Fire will transition back to the Angeles National Forest and a smaller Type 3 team of Forest personnel will complete fire containment.  A Burned Area Emergency Response team will be arriving to assess the watershed and other resources and will make recommendations and develop plans to mitigate the damage caused by the fire.  Highway 39 will reopen today up to the East Fork Bridge.  Highway 39 will remain closed north of East Fork Bridge.  Glendora Ridge Road and Glendora Mountain Road are both open today.  We ask our public to stay out of the fire area to allow the land to recover.

Due to the good work of the firefighters, the Ranch 2 Fire did not turn into a large fire.  The rugged and steep terrain, the dry chaparral and very, very warm days made this an unusually challenging fire.  The fire management team wishes to thank the firefighters, support staff, California Conservation Crews and contractors that all kept this incident to 4,237 acres.

Unless there are significant changes, this will be the final update on the Ranch 2 Fire.

Road Closure:   San Gabriel Canyon Road/Hwy 39 – Closed at the East Fork Road

Angeles National Forest Fire Restrictions:  The Fire Danger today on the Angeles National Forest is EXTREME and Fire Restrictions are now in effect for this Forest.

The following activities are currently prohibited:

  1. Building, maintaining, attending, or using a fire, campfire, or stove fire.

  2. Smoking

  3. Welding, or operating an acetylene or other torch with open flame

  4. Discharging a firearm, air rifle or gas gun, except in the authorized public shooting ranges.

Please see and go to “Alerts and Warnings” on the right-hand side of the homepage for this and other Forest Orders.

Air Quality Impacts:  Please visit for current information.