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Red Salmon Complex

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Shasta-Trinity National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
3644 Avtech Parkway
Redding, CA 96002

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Emergency Closure News Release for Red Salmon Complex eff Aug 8, 2020

Red Salmon Complex Wildfire
Closures – 8/10/2020

Emergency Closure Order for Red Salmon Complex

YREKA, Calif. — An emergency closure order has been implemented on the Klamath, Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forest lands to provide for public safety and to facilitate wildfire suppression efforts for the Red Salmon Complex. The temporary closure order was implemented due to extreme fire behavior—the result of many years of drought, heavy fuel loading and erratic winds. The closure order will remain in effect until the fire is declared out. It is difficult to predict when that will occur so forest visitors planning activities for the weeks or months ahead in the closure area should plan for an alternative area if the need becomes necessary.

Going into or being on National Forest lands, roads, or trails within the closure area is prohibited. The order applies to the  following National Forest System roads in the closure area: 07N53 (Grizzley Camp); 07N15 (Fawn Ridge); 10N05 (Upper Leary Creek) and 10N01 (Trinity Summit). And the order applies to the following National Forest System trails in the closure area: 6E04 (Orleans Mt. Trail); 5438 (Nordheimer); 12W08 (East Fork New River) and 12W02 (Salmon Summit).

It is important to understand that the closure order only applies to National Forest land, roads and trails within the closure order boundary. The following persons are exempt from this order: persons with Forest Service Permits specifically exempting them from the order; Federal, State or local officers of an organized rescue or fire fighting force; and owners or lessees of land in the closure area needing access to their property. Refer to the one page closure order for specific details.

East Fork Trailhead located about six miles northeast of Denny, California serves as a easily locatable starting point for the boundary of the Red Salmon Closure area. From East Fork Trailhead the boundary travels east about four miles to Jakes Upper Camp and at that point turns north and continues about 10 miles. At that 10 mile point the boundary turns west for two miles before continuing north seven miles to Methodist River Access on Highway 93. The boundary continues approximately 6 miles northwest along the northwest side of Highway 93 to Quail Flat.

At Quail Flat the boundary turns west and continues for one mile to Nordheimer Trailhead. From Nordheimer the boundary turns south for two miles to Horn Creek Gap. From Horn Creek Gap the boundary turns west for 11 miles. At the eleven mile point the boundary turns south for three miles to an intersection with the northwest corner of the property line for the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation. The boundary parallels the eastern boundary of the reservation for approximately 11 miles to Tish Tang Trailhead. From Tish Tang the boundary travels about two miles south, turns east for one mile, turns south for about two miles, turns east for one mile and then south for one mile. At that point, approximately two miles northeast of Grooves Prairie Campground, the boundary turns east and travels about nine miles back to East Fork Trailhead.

     A one page closure order, a map of the closure area and a legal description of the boundary of the closure is available on the Klamath National Forest website at                                                         

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