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Wood Springs 2 Fire

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Navajo Region Fire and Aviation Management
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Navajo Route 12 Bldg #264 Ft. Defiance AZ 86504 Arizona
Window Rock, AZ 86515

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Wood Springs 2 Fire Update, Tuesday July 7, 2020

Wood Springs 2 Fire Wildfire
News – 7/7/2020

Containment At 76 Percent, Crews Begin Restoration of Containment Lines

5 miles west of Sawmill, AZ
Resources: 439 personnel
Cause: Lightning
Percent containment: 76%
Size: 12,861 acres
Vegetation: Pińon-Juniper, ponderosa pine, sage, grasses
Fire activity: Yá’át’ééh abiní.

Firefighters held the fire west of Route 7 and north of the powerlines, and today began to restore areas disturbed by containment and suppression efforts. Crews still have much work to finish, even with 76 percent containment. Hot, dry, and windy conditions in Tuesday’s forecast could increase fire activity, according to fire behavior analysts. Crews have been able to complete fire line from the southwest corner up the west side of the fire to N 26, and on the southeast side up to Sage House Wash, which in west of Oak Creek Mountain. Crews have also built approximately 2-3 miles of fire line on the north end between Monument Canyon north to Route 7 and along Route 7. There are still several sections of uncontained fire line on the west side of the fire across Monument Canyon, and on the eastern side of the fire south of N 26. Crews continue to improve fire line south of N 26 on the eastern side to prevent the fire from moving toward the powerlines or residences.  Crews will begin to restore land disturbed by containment efforts, and monitor areas inside the fire that are still burning. Crews reported one outbuilding (a shed, barn, or outhouse) and another corral destroyed today. In total, five corrals and two outbuildings are reported destroyed, and a hogan took minor fire damage. Structure assessment will continue as it becomes safer for firefighters to enter burned areas. Cooperation on fire containment and related operations continues between fire personnel and local, tribal, and federal agencies.

Communities Affected: The fire occurs in the Nazlini and Kinlichee Chapters of the Navajo Nation.  Portions of both of these chapters in the Fluted Rock area remain on high alert for evacuation due to the fire.

Smoke: As containment increases, smoke is expected to decrease. There are still areas of green islands inside the fire edge that could ignite and put up smoke as the weather gets hotter over the next few days. Full smoke report:

: Higher temperatures, increased dryness and high winds could increase fire activity.

Values: Firefighter and public safety are the highest priorities. The fire area includes multiple communities, power lines, sheep and horse camps, and cultural and historical sites, which firefighters are working hard to protect.

Closures and Restrictions: An executive closure order for the fire area is in place. The general public should avoid the wildfire area so as not to interfere with firefighting efforts. Navajo Route 7 between Sawmill and Three Turkey Ruin Junction remains closed.  N 26 also remains closed from where it intersects N27 out to Route 7. Roads that remain open are N27 and N201.

More Info: Official Wood Springs 2 Fire information can be found on Facebook at BIA Wildland Fire Management – Navajo Region @BIANavajoRegion.


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