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Wood Springs 2 Fire

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Navajo Region Fire and Aviation Management
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Navajo Route 12 Bldg #264 Ft. Defiance AZ 86504 Arizona
Window Rock, AZ 86515

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Wood Springs 2 Fire Update, Monday, July 6, 2020

Wood Springs 2 Fire Wildfire
News – 7/6/2020

Fire Perimeter Sees No Growth  

5 miles west of Sawmill, AZ 
Resources: 427 personnel 
Cause: Lightning 
Percent containment: 51%
Size: 12,840 acres
Vegetation: Pińon-Juniper, ponderosa pine, sage, grasses  

Fire activity: Yá’át’ééh abiní. The fire perimeter saw no growth yesterday and continues to stay west of Route 7 and north of the powerlines. There is a high potential for spot fires today because of the increased temperatures, lack of measurable rain and low relative humidity. An executive closure orderis in place around the fire and the general public is reminded to avoid the area so as to not interfere with firefighting efforts. The unmanned aerial surveillance (UAS) aircraft (aka drone) has concluded firing operations for the time being. Large pockets of unburned vegetation inside the perimeter of the fire will continue to ignite today, potentially putting up visible smoke columns. Aircraft and ground crews will be on the lookout for spot fires, where embers are carried by the wind and start new fires beyond the fire line. Crews still have plenty of work ahead of them, as they continue to build, maintain and secure fire lines in the northwest portions of the fire and along the KV powerline. Firefighters are working with local resource personnel to identify any suppression repair work needed to begin restoring the land to it’s previous condition prior to firefighters suppression actions on the fire. In total, four corrals and an outbuilding (a shed, barn, or outhouse) were destroyed, and a hogan had minor fire damage. Structure assessment will continue to occur when it is safe for firefighters to enter. Cooperation on fire containment and related operations continues between fire personnel and local, tribal, and federal agencies. 

Communities Affected: Sawmill is no longer on high alert; however, the Fluted Rock area remains on high alert. Please continue to be ready. If you are asked to evacuate, please contact your local chapter house for information on evacuation shelters. 
Smoke: Remaining fuels will continue to produce smoke in upcoming days. Smoke is likely to linger in low lying areas close to the fire during the overnight and early morning hours. Full smoke report:

Weather: Light winds are expected out of the west today. Higher temperatures reaching 90 degrees and single-digit humidity levels could increase fire activity today.   
Values: Firefighter and public safety are the highest priorities. The fire area includes multiple communities, power lines, sheep and horse camps, and cultural and historical sites, which firefighters are working hard to protect.   

Closures and Restrictions: An executive closure order for the fire area is in place. Please see the accompanying fire map for details. Road Closures: Navajo Route 7 is closed from Sawmill to Three Turkey Ruin Junction and N26 is closed from where it intersects N27 out to Route 7. Roads that remain open are N27 and N201.   

More Info: Official Wood Springs 2 Fire information can be found on Inciweb at and on Facebook at BIA Wildland Fire Management – Navajo Region @BIANavajoRegion.  


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