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2020 Tonto NF BAER Information

Unit Information

Tonto National Forest
U.S. Forest Service
2324 E. McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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Bush Fire BAER Team up and running

2020 Tonto NF BAER Information Burned Area Emergency Response
Announcements – 7/2/2020

The Bush Fire Burned Area Emergency Response Team (BAER) is fully operational and has begun assessing damage in the burn area.  There are 3 phases of recovery following wildfires on federal land:

  • Fire Suppression Repair
  • Emergency Stabilization-Burned Area Emergency Response
  • Long-Term Recovery and Restoration

A BAER assessment team conducts field surveys and uses remote sensing and science-based models to rapidly evaluate and assess the burned area and prescribe emergency stabilization measures. The team generates a “Soil Burn Severity” map by using satellite imagery which is then validated and adjusted by BAER team field surveys to assess soil erosion, watershed conditions and model potential watershed response from the wildfire. The map identifies areas of soil burn severity by categories of very low/unburned, low, moderate, and high which may correspond to a projected increase in watershed response. The higher the burn severity, the less the soil will be able to absorb water when it rains. Without absorption, there will be increased run-off with the potential of flooding.

The Bush Fire BAER Team is currently using the attached Soil Burn Severity map to begin modeling the areas that will be most impacted.  With this data, the team will recommend treatments in areas affected and begin the process of completing those treatments.