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Final Update for Middle Fire, September 9, 2019

Middle Fire Wildfire
News – 9/9/2019

Operations have been successful in allowing the lightning-caused Middle Fire to reduce accumulations of dead and down forest vegetation. This will contribute to regeneration and renewal of this area, creating new habitat for wildlife while forming a buffer for more severe fires that may occur in the future.

One hotshot crew and one engine will stay in place to patrol and monitor the fire. Other resources were released, and the fire has transitioned from a Type 4 to a Type 5 incident management team.

Yesterday the 785-acre fire received about half an inch of rain. More rain is forecast this week. Higher humidity levels over the weekend resulted in ideal fire conditions during burnout operations.

Soon after locating Middle Fire on September 3, 2019, the fire staff on the Lincoln National Forest looked at numerous factors including weather, time of year, terrain, structures in the area, and available resources to determine which strategies to use during the fire. Fire personnel then identified a planning area where the lightning-caused wildfire would be allowed to fulfill its natural role within a fire-dependent ecosystem.

This will be the final update for the Middle Fire unless there is a significant change.