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Williams Flats Fire

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Colville Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Nespelem, WA 99155

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Williams Flats Update 8-20-19

Williams Flats Fire Wildfire
News – 8/20/2019

News Release August 20th, 2019

Keller, WA –Firefighters have made great progress in line production on the Williams Flats fire. They will be back on the line today and will continue to focus on line construction in the far northeast section of the fire where terrain is difficult. The western section of the fire is in patrol status while the southern section is in mop-up. Suppression repair in the western and southern sections is continuing.

Fire managers are paying close attention to weather conditions over the fire. Tomorrow weather is expected to change with a chance of showers and an increase in winds. It is expected that interior areas of the fire that have not burned will become active. While these interior areas do not pose a threat to the fire perimeter, they are expected to throw off more visible smoke. Members of the public are advised that any concerns about smoke in the area of the Williams Flats Fire may be reported to the Fire Information Center at (509) 634-7341.

The Williams Flats Fire started on August 2, 2019 after a band of early morning thunderstorms with lightning moved across the eastern portion of the Colville Indian Reservation.

Weather: Today’s weather will be sunny with a maximum high of 89°. Humidity will range between 14% and 17%. East-Southeast winds will be 6-8 mph.

Quick Facts

Incident Start:

August 2, 2019


44,515 acres




Personnel on Incident:



Crews – 12

Engines – 21

Ambulances – 2

Dozers – 6

Water Tenders – 10

Skidgens – 4

Evacuations and Closures:

Evacuation notices issued for homes near the Williams Flats Fire by the Colville Tribes Emergency Services and the Ferry County Sheriff’s Office have been revised as follows:

Level 1:

• Areas south of Four Corners,

• On or near the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt along the Ninemile-Hellgate Road.

The Kuehne Road area is not under any evacuation orders. There are no longer any “Traffic Control Points” as they were discontinued on Monday, August 12, 2019. “Road Closed” signs have been placed at these locations to keep unnecessary traffic out of areas where fire mop-up and rehabilitation are still in progress. Those areas where traffic is still limited are:

  • Kuehne Road south of the junction of Kuehne and Silver Creek;

  • The Ninemile-Hellgate road at Friedlander Meadow, just south of the junction with Silver Creek Road; and

  • Ninemile-Hellgate road south of Four Corners.

Public and Fire Fighter Safety is The Number One priority

Do not enter into the area of the fire. Fire weakened trees can fall suddenly and hot deep ash pits can cause severe burns and are present throughout the burn area.