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Williams Flats Fire

Unit Information

Colville Agency
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Nespelem, WA 99155

BIA Shield

8-7-2019 PM Update

Williams Flats Fire Wildfire
News – 8/7/2019

Williams Flats and Lundstrom Butte Fires Update

Northwest Interagency Incident Management Team 8, Incident Commander: Doug Johnson

August 7, 2019 - 9:00 P.M.

Fire Information: (509) 634-7341 (8:00 am to 9:00 pm);

Information Websites: Inciweb ;

Facebook Pages – Williams Flats; Colville Tribal Broadcast, News and

InformationWilliams Flats Fire

Special Announcements:

Several new Evacuation Notices have been issued for homes near the Williams Flats Fire by the Colville Tribes Emergency Services and the Ferry County Sheriff’s Office while others have been upgraded. For a full description see the Ferry County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and the Colville Tribes Emergency Services Facebook page.

A Level 3 Evacuation Notice has been issued for areas south of Wilmont Creek to Whitestone Lookout Road are advised to leave now.

All residents in the Wilmont Creek drainage are now in a Level 2 Evacuation Advisory – “Be prepared to leave in a moment’s notice”. Do not wait to be warned, leave if you see fire approaching your area.

All residents and campers along the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt/The Columbia River from the Falls Creek/Cougar Canyon Road (the area sometimes called the Smoke Ranch) south to Wilmont Creek Road are now at a Level 1 Evacuation Advisory. This includes the Rogers Bar Campground. Level 1 means it’s time to start preparing in case the area needs to be evacuated.

The Colville Tribes Emergency Services requests evacuees go to the Inchelium Community Center and check in. If they need a shelter, a place to stay overnight will be arranged at or near the Community Center.

Williams Flats Fire

Acreage: 25,000

Containment: 25%

Current Fire Information: The Williams Flats Fire is burning on Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation and Washington Department of Natural Resources protected lands. The high temperatures, low relative humidity, together caused the Williams Flats Fire to burn agressively. The fire burned within a ½ mile of the east bank of the Columbua River. The Structure Protection Group worked diligently to prepare the structures and homes for burnout to reduce fuels. The fire activity was so intense on the northeast edge of the fire that firefighters disengaged for safety reasons. The fire has burned up and around the Whitestone Lookout. Containment lines on the northwest flank have tied into the Nine Mile-Hellgate Road.


Firefighters are burning out fuels this evening between the fire and the completed dozer line to further secure the perimeter. The west flank is in patrol status. With predicted temperatures remaining near 65-70 degree range, the fire is expected to be burn actively throughout the night.

Challenges firefighters are facing include very high temperatures and low relative humidity; active fire behavior; reduced visibility; steep, rocky terrain and wildlife dangers in the form of snakes and bears.

Initial attack firefighting resources have been identified and prepared to respond to new fire starts.

Lundstrom Butte Fire

Acreage: 10 – Final

Containment: 100%

Current Fire Information: The fire is in patrol status.

Resources: Total personnel assigned –901: 8-type 1 hand crews, 9-type 2 IA hand crews, 6-type 2 hand crews, 5-heavy helicopters, 2- medium helicopters, 1-light helicopter, 4-ambulances, 27-engines, 14-dozers, 2-masticator, 4-skidgenes, and 23-water tenders. Additional firefighting resources continue to arrive.

Weather: Temperatures are predicted between 65 and 70 degrees. The humidity is forecasted at 30-35% with west/northwest winds predicted 3-5 mph becoming north/northeast 2-4 mph after midnight.

Air Quality: For the latest information regarding smoke and air quality see

Closures and Evacuations: Refer to the Special Announcements section for information on evacuations. Multiple roads are closed to public including: Kuehne, Nine Mile-Hellgate Road, Refrigerator Canyon, and Canteen Creek Roads. One residence remains under a Level 2 evacuation (Goat/Hellgate Ranch). Closures are in place to provide safety to the firefighters and the public, so please respect those closures.

Helicopters are dipping and fire boss planes are scooping from nearby Lake Roosevelt for suppression efforts and need space to work. The public is asked to avoid these aircraft activity areas on the water. The area is being patroled by the the Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Law Enforcement.

A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) of 10 miles surrounds the Williams Flats and Lundstrom Fires. The area is required for the large aircraft to safely manuever when dropping retardant. Please refer to the Notice to Airmen before flying near the area. Any drone (UAS) sighted within the TFR prevents aerial firefighting resources from providing support to the firefighters on the ground. Any person(s) identified flying a drone or UAS in a TFR could be subject to a $20,000 fine.