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Williams Flats Fire

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Evacuations update

Williams Flats Fire Wildfire
News – 8/7/2019

The Level 1 Evacuation has now been elevated to a Level 3 Evacuation Notification – “Leave Now” by the Colville Tribes Emergency Services and the Ferry County Sheriff’s Office.

While homes are not immediately in danger, the only road out may be cut off by fire. Now is the time to evacuate. Anyone who remains in the area may not be able to leave once the fire reaches the Nine Mile-Hellgate Road.

The evacuation zone is as follows: From the intersection of Little Nine Mile Creek with the Nine Mile-Hellgate Road, draw a straight line west to the Whitestone Lookout. All areas south of that line are now at a Level 3 Evacuation —-”Leave Now”. All residents of the area are advised that for their own safety, they need to leave now.

The Colville Tribes Emergency Services requests evacuees go to the Inchelium Community Center and check in. If they need a shelter, a place to stay overnight will be arranged at or near the Community Center.

For a full description see the Williams Flats Facebook page ( and the Colville Tribes Emergency Services Facebook page.

NEW LEVEL 3 Evacuation Advisory—“Leave Now”
NEW LEVELS 1 and 2 Evacuation Advisories

The Williams Flats fire is continuing to grow and is burning to the east and northeast.

All areas southwest of Wilmont Creek to Whitestone Lookout Road are now in a Level 3 Evacuation Advisory — residents are advised to leave now. Take your medications, personal hygiene items, bedding and pillows, changes of clothes, and important personal papers. There are thirteen homes in this area. The Inchelium Community Center will remain open overnight as an evacuation shelter.

All residents in the Wilmont Creek drainage are now in a Level 2 Evacuation Advisory—”be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice.” Do not wait to be warned to leave—if you see fire approaching your area, leave. There are eleven homes known to be in this area.

All residents and campers along the shoreline of Lake Roosevelt/the Columbia River from the Falls Creek/Cougar Canyon Road (the area sometimes called the Smoke Ranch) south to Wilmont Creek Road are now at a Level 1 Evacuation Advisory. This includes the Rogers Bar Campground.

As this announcement is being written, Tribal Natural Resource Officers are on their way to deliver evacuation notices to the residents and campers affected.

Please monitor this Facebook page and the news media for updates. If you see fire approaching your area, do not wait to be told to leave.